In the ghost village of Bohorodikne, only 25 of the 600 inhabitants remain

In the ghost village of Bohorodikne, only 25 of the 600 inhabitants remain
In the ghost village of Bohorodikne, only 25 of the 600 inhabitants remain

The battles for the village of Bohorodichne in the Donetsk region are described as one of the heaviest, the front crossed here 14 times. It can be seen even today, there is nothing left of this settlement – only rubble and destruction. It should be emphasized that the battles in this settlement were decisive in order to hold the Russian occupiers and prevent them from moving further to Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

The important river Siverskijdonets flows next to Bohorodične. At the beginning of the war, the Russians tried several times to force it, even using their destroyed equipment as a staging post to capture this small village. The bridge, which was blown up by the Ukrainian forces to detain the enemy, is still lying in the bottom of the river. Nearby are still mined areas and the remains of the occupier’s rockets that have crashed into the ground.

Before the war, 600 inhabitants lived in Bohorodicne, now 25, but despite the fact that every house in the settlement has been bombed, people are returning and gradually, thanks to volunteers, they are trying to restore their homes.

The village has a long history, it was established in the 17th century and is located on a strategically important highland – near Sviatohirsk. During the hostilities, the Russian army completely destroyed it and then occupied it. The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the village on September 11, 2022.

The TV3 News team got to know Ludmila shortly after the release of Bohorodične. Sirmgalve, fleeing from the occupiers, fled to Germany, but then returned. Only dyed hair was left from her private house. At first, I had to live in a basement, where it was difficult to maintain even heat. Now she is waiting in a new modular house – built by volunteers.

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“I have everything, where to wash my hands, to wash myself. Thank God, I am alive and well! No one has left me, no one has left me. Volunteers from all over the world are trying to help. I always say – just go forward, just expect victory. There must be peace, we don’t need war, we need peace and victory. Ukraine is strong, of course! Only with faith,” says Ludmila.

Those left in this village survive thanks to the help of soldiers and volunteers.

“They bring us food twice a day, everything is ready. The main thing is not to be lazy and go ahead, I have potatoes, cabbage, everything I need in the basement. Volunteers help us with everything,” says the old man.

As if living conditions have improved, but no one will be able to erase the scars left by the war and the misery left by the Russian world in Ludmila’s life: “I have cried a lot of tears…” The volunteers built the new house next to the place where Ludmila’s family’s house was. The Russians burned it while retreating. Every day, the lady looks at the colors of her house and remembers every corner that was decorated during her life: “Here were my cupboards, there was an oven, here were a bed and a table, paintings, here was a refrigerator.”

Ludmila’s biggest wish is to wait for the day when the children’s cries and life will be heard again in the village of Bohorodicne: “I hope that everyone will return home. Whatever it is, wherever you are, it’s best to be at home, in your homeland.”

The front is not far from the village of Bohorodične – predictions are getting louder and louder that the Russians, starting a repeated attack, will move in this direction, therefore most of the residents of this region who left are afraid to return. Lyudmila, however, says that she will not go anywhere else and believes in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will protect Ukraine.

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