A decision that will enrage manganese ore kissers. Also passive…


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The transportation of manganese ore through the territory of Latvia and Estonia reminds us of our place on the map, and no less important is the fact that it was brought up to date not with the watchful eyes and sensitive nose of politicians or security services, but with the diligence of digging and investigative journalists.

Of course, you shouldn’t be so naive and think that the press was on the trail of something and then took a stick to poke someone in the eye. It doesn’t happen. What is going on? Or more precisely, what will happen? Here, it’s worth getting stuck in.

Now, the notorious manganese ore was brought to light by Estonian colleagues*, who were given this information by those who caught the former Estonian Prime Minister Titus Vehi and his activities in the port of Sillame. Then all the shouting started – how can this be? And it turned out that the former prime minister goes to the link of the Russian oligarchy, because in the port where he owns some assets, the tracks of the real beneficiaries lead to specific pizhiks and leg scarves.

As if Vehi had not done anything wrong, because manganese ore was not included in any sanctions lists. Another picture, if you understand – where is that material used in Russia? Putin’s tanks need this ore. The fact that ninety percent of the total amount they need is rolled through the ports of Estonia and Latvia, where the Latvians get the most fat, shows that the Russians themselves currently have no other options at all. And it also shows that, despite our participation in the world’s most powerful military alliance, such war material was calmly delivered to the addressee by our hands – only the festive fireworks were still missing.

This type of business activity clearly reveals that neither in Estonia nor in Latvia, until the specified time, no one particularly bothered about it – what is really being dragged through our backyard. It also shows that the organizers of such a business are well aware that no one will protect them at this stage of the road, because not only is everything arranged to support Russia’s interests, but the Kremlin’s pencils have a say here. Because it turns out that the parliamentary tribunes have been given to lācpleš and kalevipoegs, but the real owners of the political and economic process are completely different.

Also, we can smile at the professionalism of our intelligence services, because manganese was not carried in handbags or sewn into the seams of shirts. It was the state companies that arranged all this. Didn’t they know? Of course he knew! Its institutions are full of agents of Russian world influence. Now it would be required that heads roll, because it can be called negligence to a lesser extent, but the wagons roll.

They continue to roll with all their ore in the direction of Russia, but the political elite of Latvia is no longer capable of figuring out how to try to harmonize this issue at the level of the entire European Union. We could do it ourselves right away, but no – it will take a long time… The fact that such coordination is beneficial for the Russian military industry, no one knows why they don’t tell you out loud.

The European bureaucratic model is also very handy for Putin and his court trouser rubbers, as they have done and continue to do much to make this continent’s largest union wooden-brained and wooden-legged. One can only admire that our circus clowns pretend not to understand this. If you understand, then here again the word – negligence is in place. Or even stronger – betrayal.

The Prime Minister has now instructed the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economy to develop a plan for the “reorientation of the transport and logistics sector from Russia and Belarus”. Dear Evika, economic changes of this scale are not entrusted to anyone. They lead! You have to do it yourself. Because who else, if not the mentioned ministries, has handled these issues until now? Isn’t it clear that these groups – not to be confused with the parties that join there as part of the coalition agreements – are not and will not be able to accomplish such changes?

They will do everything to prevent it from happening, or to make it happen in a way that is beneficial to Russia. The Bank of Latvia has already developed the economic rationale for such changes two years ago, and no official has said that these studies should be used to qualify for the next stage – works. They will not say it because it is not in their interest to change something. But they will create a working group or a thematic committee on hot coals and stick a barbecue on the skewers. If the prime minister does not solve this case, nothing will be done!

Who needs to meet? The Latvian railway should simply be destroyed, because the way it looks and works now, it is not serious. The perspective with transit must die forever, because for Russia this infrastructure is not a business, but a very practical way for them to occupy and rape us once more… If we are not going to trade with them – and we are not going to! – then these tracks in the East direction should simply be demolished.

Just as the environment of the ports, which are the springboards for the support of these railway lines, must be completely changed. We are now talking about manganese and its route, but I would not be surprised that those grain wagons from Russia, quite possibly, transported not only grain through Latvia. And those existing Russian gauge tracks are needed only by Russians. We as a country have not gained anything from it because the railway is operating at a loss. So why should it be maintained? Ah, that’s right – because there are entrepreneurs who need it. There are staff… Really? Who really needs it?

Almost most of the ports located in Latvia are the legacy of the former USSR. Even more clearly, the owners of these ports with the docks and all the cranes that move there are mostly related to Russian influence or capital. Privatized for the profits or privatization certificates of these companies, which means – stolen in accordance with the law.

It is full of former Chekists and communist party nomenclature, who now pretend to be businessmen, but in reality serve Russian fascism or do not serve the interests of Latvia. Many in these companies work as Latvians to hide behind some national interests and folk dances. Since there is money in the ports, these circles very precisely influence the practical politics of Latvia – with all kinds of associations, unions and similar nightmares as sweepers and pests of our national economy.

Of course, now there will be bullies who will say something about the thousands of people who work on the railways and in ports, and that such an industry should not be treated so lightly. Let’s clarify again – we’re talking about a dying industry… It’s the same as in the nineties to keep stationary telephone switchboard installers as a profession of the future at any cost… Where are these telephones with all the installers now?

Latvia’s railways and ports have never served Latvia, although there are ministries that draw some kind of tariffs, and port councils have been invented to stick politicians to the ground.

Latvia’s railways and ports in their current use are pure Russia – they don’t tend to be cleaner. It is characterized by corruption, fraud, embezzlement of state funds, irresponsibility, laziness, indifference of the basic class. Our Eastern neighbor has never been and never will be an adequate partner, ally – unfortunately, we have to reckon with that. Just as it should be understood that there are hordes of people in the West who are very interested in having a zone called Latvia near the Russian border. It is the zone, not the country. They will quickly change zones or territories, it will be more difficult with countries – with strong countries, even more difficult.

Therefore, if Evika Siliņa wants something to change in this industry – and it is a change on a national scale, a major turning point – then it is time that the interests of the state must come to the fore. Next time we’ll find out which Russian servants have secretly been acting as funners, slobs, smilgis and tatyanas here all these years…

* Actually, “Latvijas Avīzes” journalist Raivis Šveicars already long ago (ed. note.)

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