Biden signs $61 billion worth of aid to Ukraine approved by the US Congress / Article

Biden signs $61 billion worth of aid to Ukraine approved by the US Congress / Article
Biden signs $61 billion worth of aid to Ukraine approved by the US Congress / Article

“This is a good day for America, a good day for Europe, a good day for peace in the world,” US President Joe Biden announced after signing the bill on military aid to Ukraine supported by Congress last night.

“The path of this bill to my desk was complicated. It should have been easier and it should have gotten there faster. But in the end, America did what America had to do. We came together and got it done.

Now we must act quickly. Deliveries will begin immediately. This package is not only an investment in the security of Ukraine, but also in the security of Europe,” said Biden.

Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer emphasized that after more than six months of hard work and many twists and turns, America is sending a message that it will not turn its back on the world.

“Finally, finally, finally, after more than six months of hard work and many twists and turns in the road, America is sending a message to the whole world – we will not turn our backs on you. Tonight we say to our allies that we are with you. We say to our adversaries, you better not stand against us . We say to the whole world – the United States will do everything to protect democracy and such a life,” said Schumer.

Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell also called this a very important day in the history of the country and the free world, so it is not surprising that “for” was an overwhelming majority of senators.

“Tonight, the Senate will send a clear message. It will go down in history, even as allies and partners may have worried about the depth of our resolve, even as Moscow, Beijing and Tehran grew more confident and continued their course, and even as loud voices here at home insisted on giving up our own leadership, the US Senate stood firm,” he said.

The package includes military aid to Israel and Taiwan, as well as humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, Sudan and Haiti, but the biggest interest is in arms supplies to Ukraine.

It took US lawmakers half a year to finally allocate money to Ukraine. For the longest time, the vote stalled in the Republican-controlled upper house of Congress, the House of Representatives, where after months of debate and back-and-forth, it finally passed. But in the Democratic-controlled upper house of Congress, the vote was almost lightning fast.

The Pentagon press secretary announced on Tuesday that

Kyiv’s aid can be received within a few days, while CNN previously reported that some of the planned armaments have already been delivered to warehouses in Germany and Poland.

In less than a week, vehicles, missiles, ammunition, including artillery shells and other weapons that can be used immediately on the battlefield could be delivered to Ukraine. US media reports that ATACMS missiles could already be included in this package.

Ukrainian soldiers are in critical need of both ammunition and anti-aircraft defense – all that is currently lacking to prevent the enemy from advancing. Analysts also point out that the new US aid will be enough to restore forces at the front, but hardly to radically change the course of the war in favor of Ukraine. And that means more help will be needed.

The White House has also welcomed Britain’s announcement to grant Ukraine impressive military aid in the amount of 580 million euros.


On Saturday, April 20, the US House of Representatives voted on a bill to provide long-delayed aid to Ukraine. After approval by the House of Representatives, the bills were sent to the Senate as a single package. Senators promised not to delay in supporting the bills and President Joe Biden has also promised to sign them urgently.

The support in the lower house of Congress has cleared the biggest obstacle to Biden’s request for funding for aid to Ukraine, which the president first raised in October as Ukraine’s arms stockpile began to run out.

The United States has long supported Ukraine in its war against Russia, but the House Republican faction has more critical members who objected to the amount of aid given to Ukraine. It was they who had delayed Washington’s support for Kyiv for months.

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