The first gold and platinum certificates for music streaming were presented in Latvia / Article

The first gold and platinum certificates for music streaming were presented in Latvia / Article
The first gold and platinum certificates for music streaming were presented in Latvia / Article

A total of 12 certificates were presented – 9 gold and 3 platinum.

Gold certificates were awarded to:

  • “Bermudu Divsstūris” group and Olga Rajeckas’ song “Average pretty”, publisher “Bermudu Divsstūris” ;
  • The song “Līgava” by the groups “Bermudu Divstūris” and “Auļi”, publisher “Bermudu Divstūris” ;
  • The song “Pie***t Seju” by rappers M.Sencis and Grandmaster Neons, published by “P*s Pa Skapi Records”;
  • The song “Uz Seen” by the rap group “Singapore Satin” and the group “A-Europa”, published by “Universal Music Oy”;
  • The song “Richies Roo with a hot air balloon” by Laura Reinika, Ruta Reinika-Preis and Sofija Timma, published by Izdevniecība MicRec;
  • Mesa’s song “What more I need”, publisher “Warner Music Baltics”;
  • The song “Tukšu tačku” by the group “Lůvůlīgais Tips”, published by “L Tips”;
  • Producer Tobu’s two songs “If I Disappear” (ft. Tom Mårtensson) and “Back to you”.

Platinum certificates were awarded to:

  • The song “Aija” by the group “Sudden Lights”, published by “Sudden Lights”;
  • “Eat your salad” song by “Citi Zēni” group, published by “TCLV Records”;
  • “Brāl’ Ar Dzivi Nekaulē” song by the groups “Bermudu Divsstūris” and “Apvedceļš”, published by “Bermudu Divsstūris”.

The design of the certificates was created by the artist Haralds Gerts.

Music recordings are certified according to the standards of the International Phonographic Association (IFPI) using objective and accurate criteria. Tracks that reach 2,000,000 streams are certified gold and those that reach 4,000,000 streams are certified platinum.

Data on the number of times of streaming and downloads are collected from January 1, 2022 and refer to music recordings released from January 1, 2022, that is, the time when the recording of streaming indicators started in Latvia.

The certification is based on a comprehensive assessment, which includes statistics on the digital consumption of Latvia’s official music recordings, summarizing both the results of streaming platforms such as “Spotify”, “Deezer”, “Apple Music” and “Youtube Music”, as well as downloads in “iTunes”. In terms of calculations, downloads are converted into streams, providing a balanced approach to music evaluation, equating one download to 100 streams. Such a calculation model ensures that both types of digital consumption are fairly represented in the certification process.

“By implementing the certification process in accordance with the standards accepted in the industry, we not only celebrate the achievements of our artists, but also promote the consumption of legal music recordings in society. This is also an important step in the promotion of music recordings created in Latvia and an opportunity for our artists to reach new audiences around the world,” commented Liena Edwards, CEO of LaIPA.

“Such a certificate is a high assessment both for the authors and performers of music recordings, as well as for the producers of these recordings, as it directly demonstrates the trends of listeners’ preferences and music listening habits, thus giving a creative impulse to other members of the music recording industry,” Liena Edwards believes.


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