How to grow vizbuli?

How to grow vizbuli?
How to grow vizbuli?

I would like to make a play mat at the edge of the garden. How to grow them best? What are the main care requirements? Anna Valmiera asks.

Propagate plantings

“In April, you should go on a hunt for vizbulis,” says flower collector Guna Rukšāne. They are modest flowers, however, you must follow their main requirements. The easiest way is to dig up a vizbulis plant in the forest. vizbulites like the place and they grow well, the flowers begin to reproduce by self-sowing. This can only happen in a place where the soil around them does not rot. Of course, vizbulites can also be bought in nurseries.

If you look carefully, you can find different mutations of the sable flowers in the forest. It can also get its own unique vizball.

Choose a place

Vizbulites feel best in a place and soil that resembles their home in the forest. The more you succeed in imitating this environment, the more beautiful the flowers will grow. Choose a partially shaded place in the garden. Suitable companions are bushes that allow the vizbulits to enjoy the full sun in the spring, but shade them with their leaves in the summer.

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