Tet’s new Backscreen brand will provide a full spectrum of media and streaming technologies

Tet’s new Backscreen brand will provide a full spectrum of media and streaming technologies
Tet’s new Backscreen brand will provide a full spectrum of media and streaming technologies

Technology company “Tet” launches new brand “Backscreen”, which offers a modern set of services for storage, processing, publishing, streaming and playback of video content. The services provided by the new brand are useful for streaming video on demand, live TV channels, live events, sports, digital training, business marketing and any other video content. The provided services are scalable so that they can be used by both large broadcasters and telecommunications companies with millions of viewers, as well as content owners who need to broadcast a single live broadcast or a few video clips to a small number of viewers.

The popularity of OTT platforms has grown particularly rapidly in recent years, and it is predicted that streaming platforms will completely replace traditional television very soon. According to Uldis Tatarčuks, Chief Executive Officer of Tet: “It is worth using this trend for business development for every content creator – both big industry professionals and those who have only recently started to engage in content creation. In this way, not only reaching and maintaining your existing target audience, but also attracting a new audience through streaming channels – the youth or generation Z, which regularly consumes video content. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible service and our viewers with the next generation viewing experience. We are sure that our service can become competitive and interesting in the global market as well.”

The service portfolio consists of four sub-products designed to meet the diverse needs of customers. Backscreen App provides a complete OTT video solution, including apps for web browsers, mobile devices, smart TVs and other devices. Backscreen Stream offers video processing services ranging from technical video processing and encryption to a global content delivery network (CDN). Backscreen Webplay is a self-service video platform that provides easy storage, processing, management, publishing and playback of videos on customers’ websites, while Backscreen Media is a universal self-service media platform that extends the functionality of Webplay and allows professional management of high-volume video content and publishing to multiple platforms .

“There are representatives of different generations in society – each generation needs a different user experience, which is based on previous habits and knowledge. It’s a challenge to reach and cover all generations, from TikTok to Netflix generations and users of traditional TV platforms,” ​​emphasizes Krists Avots, corporate development director of Tet and president of Backscreen. “We have ambitious goals – to become a supplier of media software solutions in Europe for medium-sized operators and content publishers. We are confident that we can achieve sustainable use of the service by continuously adding to it with innovations.”

The new brand encompasses a team of 50 professionals with over 20 years of experience in the industry. “There are quite a few IT solution providers on the market, but not all of them understand the media business. Our solution caters to customer needs. The technologies used are designed so that the services work globally, are automatically scaled and can serve practically unlimited amounts of content and viewers, which were helped to develop by our partners – the best suppliers of such technologies on the market. The platform is characterized by two words – quality and scalability,” says Norberts Osītis, CEO of Backscreen.

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