Francis: Let Palestine and Israel be two free countries

Francis: Let Palestine and Israel be two free countries
Francis: Let Palestine and Israel be two free countries

At the end of the general audience on Wednesday, April 24, Francis turned again to the Middle East, Ukraine and Myanmar, and reminded us that war is always a defeat from which only the arms manufacturers profit. The Holy Father called for prayers for Palestine and Israel to be two free states.

Jānis Evertovskis – Vatican

Addressing the thousands of pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square, especially the young, the sick, the elderly and the newlyweds, the Pope reminded that on April 25 the Church will celebrate the liturgical feast of the evangelist, St. Mark. Mark clearly and concretely describes the mystery of the person of Jesus of Nazareth. “I invite all of you to surrender to the charm of Christ in order to take part in building the kingdom of God with enthusiasm and trust”, urged the Holy Father.

In the continuation of the speech, the Pope turned to the tormented Ukraine, Palestine, Israel and Myanmar, and also admitted that he was thinking about many other countries where war is going on. He said:

“War is always a defeat. Those who earn the most are the arms manufacturers. Please let us pray for peace; let’s pray for the afflicted Ukraine: it is suffering very, very much. Young soldiers are dying… Let us pray. And let’s also pray for the Middle East, for Gaza, where people – in the war – are suffering a lot. Let’s pray for peace between Palestine and Israel, for them to be two free countries and for good relations between them. Let’s pray for peace!

Addressing the Polish pilgrims and their compatriots, Francis reminded that Saturday will be the tenth anniversary of John Paul II’s canonization: “Looking at his life, we see what a person can achieve by accepting and developing God’s gifts – faith, hope and merciful love. Stay true to his legacy. Stand up for life and don’t be fooled by the culture of death. With his patronage, let us ask God for the gift of peace, for which this Pope worked so hard. I bless you with all my heart!”

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