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News in plain language on April 3

Rosina to create a support fund for Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is proposing to create a special support fund for Ukraine in the organization.

The Foundation would coordinate the provision of assistance.

According to Stoltenberg, this would also allow predictability of support over the next five years, regardless of political leadership changes in the US and elsewhere.

It has been said that the size of this fund could reach 100 billion euros.

Latvia would support the creation of such a fund.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Krišjānis Kariņš from New Unity is sure that this would ensure the necessary stability and predictability for Ukraine.

Earthquake in Taiwan

Taiwan has been rocked by the most devastating earthquake in 25 years.

At least 9 people died and more than 800 were injured.

The city of Hualien suffered the most damage, but the effects of the earthquake were felt across the island.

The earthquake was so powerful that authorities in Japan, the Philippines and China also issued tsunami warnings and urged coastal residents to be prepared to evacuate.

Former deputy Grevcova is accused

Gloria Grevtsova

Photo: LETA, Zane Bitere

The Prosecutor’s Office has charged former Saeima member Gloria Grevtsova from the “New Latvian Association” for justifying war crimes committed by Russia.

Grevcova did not respond to the sent summons, she was also not found at her place of residence, so she was declared wanted this week.

It informs the prosecutor’s office.

Grevcova herself claims in the video posted on the “TikTok” website that she is not hiding and that she contacted the prosecutor’s office.

Candidates for the post of deputy are accused of espionage

This week, the court will start hearing the criminal case in which the 14th Saeima deputy candidate Inga Tuhbatova is accused of espionage for Russia.

The State Security Service previously informed that Tukhbatova reported to the leaders of the criminal organization “Baltic Anti-Fascists” about the movement, deployment and combat capabilities of NATO military equipment in Latvia.

Tuhbatova has also collected and compiled information about the planned procurements in Latvia related to the military field.

Coach Stelmaha is accused of sexual crimes

The prosecutor’s office has filed an indictment against basketball coach Andris Steļmahas for four possible crimes of a sexual nature against one of his students.

The charge has been brought for sexual acts with a person who has not reached the age of 16, as well as for enticement into prostitution.

Stelmakhs calls the information about his possible violations slander and rumours.

The mayor of Jelgava region resigns

The vote in the Jelgava County Council on the suspension of Madaras Lasmanis.

Photo: Latvian Television

The chairman of the Jelgava County Council, Madars Lasmanis, from the “Latvia Development” party, announced his resignation.

He announced this today before the council meeting, which was convened at the suggestion of several deputies, to relieve him from his position.

Lasmanis’ decision to resign comes three weeks after the scandal was caused by the actions of the council chairman during a remote meeting.

Namely, in addition to directing the meeting, he focused on the legs of a woman sitting in the back of the car.

However, Lasmanis told Latvijas Radio that his resignation was not related to this case.

Until another mayor is elected, Jelgava county will be led by the current vice-mayor Ilze Vītola from the Union of Greens and Farmers.

The incidence of influenza and covid is decreasing

The incidence of influenza and covid continued to decrease in Latvia last week.

This is shown by the data collected by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Influenza cases were registered in Ventspils, Rēzekne, Jēkabpils district, Daugavpils, Riga, Liepāja, Jūrmala and Valmiera district.

Influenza cases were registered in all age groups.

Precipitation will intensify

From the beginning of the rain late on Tuesday evening until this afternoon, the amount of precipitation in Daugavpils reached 117% of the monthly norm.

It also rained a lot elsewhere.

In the afternoon, the rain changed to snow in many places.

Hydrologists warn that due to the precipitation, the water level in the rivers will rise rapidly in the coming days, and lower areas may be flooded in some places.

It will be cold at night and the roads will be snowy and slippery in many places.

Weather forecast

Mostly cloudy weather is expected in Latvia at night.

In the east, snow, sleet, will form a snow cover up to three centimeters thick.

Icing will form on the roads.

N, NW wind 5-10 m/s, gusts 17 m/s on the coast in the first half of the night.

Air temperature: -3°…+1`.

Cloudy tomorrow. No significant precipitation.

Slow wind 2-5 m/s.

Air temperature: +1…+6°.

Cloudy in Riga, it will clear at times during the day.

No precipitation.

Icy may form on the streets and sidewalks in some places.

N, NW wind 5-10 m/s, gusts 16 m/s, will gradually decrease from the middle of the night.

Air temperature: around 0° at night, +3…+5° tomorrow.

Weather type at night 3. – unfavorable, during the day 2. – favorable.

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