Grevtsova is wanted and accused of justifying war crimes committed by Russia


LETA made sure that, despite the announcement in the search, Grevcova is still active on social networks. Also, the ex-deputy from the list of “Union of Young Latvians” has been applied as the second number for the European Parliament elections scheduled for summer.

The woman was charged under two articles of the Criminal Law, namely for justifying war crimes and inciting national hatred. Imprisonment for up to five years, probation supervision, community service, and a fine can be applied for such offenses.

The investigation was carried out by the State Security Service (VDD) before the case was handed over to the prosecutor’s office.

The criminal trial against Grevcova was started by the VDD in connection with a video speech published by the then deputy on the video-sharing platform “TikTok”, in which Grevcova questioned the accuracy of the information posted in the Latvian Occupation Museum and expressed by the guide.

During the investigation, the service also found video addresses published by other persons on social networking sites, which contain signs of the criminal offense provided for in the Criminal Law. In the video materials published by Grevtsova, the VDD found the justification of war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine.

It has already been reported that at the end of January 2023, the VDD concluded an investigation in connection with the public statements of the then representative of the “Stability” party, Grevcova, during a visit to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia, making a decision to initiate criminal proceedings for the possible gross disparagement of the occupation of Latvia by the USSR and Nazi Germany.

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Grevtsova’s “TikTok” account posted and later deleted a video message in Russian in which the politician stated that she had come to the “so-called Museum of Occupation”. Grevtsova claimed in the video that the “facts do not match” at the museum and that the tour guide was telling “parallel, fictional history”.

“What is this museum and exactly why, for what purposes was it created? (..) We looked at all the exhibits, and we realized – hey, how we are being fooled, how we are being fooled,” Grevcova said in the video, who called what she saw in the museum “real propaganda”.

Also, in one of her TikTok videos, Grevtsova claimed that there is a civil war in Ukraine, a civil war according to all norms and canons, when the Ukrainian people are fighting against the Ukrainian army.

“That’s all I know. So that you don’t need to speculate here and tell me that Russia is attacking someone. I know what is happening, I see how Ukrainians are fighting against their own people, but by all standards this is a civil war,” Grevtsova reasoned.

This video was published before Grevcova’s video speech about visiting the Latvian Occupation Museum published on January 22, 2023.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has refused to initiate cassation proceedings in the criminal case in which the former 14th Saeima member Grevcova was accused of providing false information to the Central Election Commission (CVK). As a result, the judgment of the Riga city court entered into force, by which Grevcova was found guilty and punished with 160 hours of community service, and thus the MP also lost her seat in the Saeima in February this year.

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