For the first time in Latvia, the electric car of the year will be determined

For the first time in Latvia, the electric car of the year will be determined
For the first time in Latvia, the electric car of the year will be determined

For the promotion of electric cars, the competition “Latvijas elektroauto 2024/25” will be held for the first time. Its organizers will organize a special series of events dedicated to this car field throughout Latvia, during which anyone interested will be able to try an electric car and get to know its features. Perhaps this could encourage the switch to such an eco-friendly vehicle. The places for the first test drives are already filled, which shows the growing interest among the population. The end of the series of events will be symbolically held in the Riga Motor Museum, where the winners in eight nominations will be announced, including the award of public sympathy.

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It is significant that the organizers of this activity have thought not only about determining the best electric car, but also about a series of special events to promote electromobility among the population and encourage them to consider the idea of ​​environmentally friendly transport. This is a novelty in the Latvian car market, where the proportion of electric cars is still relatively low, but with an upward trend.
The organizers of the series of events emphasize that such activities will allow people to think about the fact that electric cars will sooner or later become everyday life for every driver. In addition, for a long time, those who want to switch to such a vehicle have been offered extensive financial support from the state for the purchase of such a vehicle.


This is also emphasized by the Minister of Climate and Energy Kaspars Melnis, reminding that the transport sector in Latvia is still one of the biggest emitters of emissions. This requires an equal investment in greening the sector. “With the development of the battery technology market and the competition of electric car manufacturers, electric cars are becoming more affordable vehicles among us. Following market trends and society’s needs, we introduce various innovations in support programs in order to provide wider opportunities for the purchase of electric cars among both households and companies, as well as municipalities,” emphasizes Kaspars Melnis. According to him, the ministry is already working on improvements to the support program so that families with many children can also receive financing for the purchase of seven-seater electric cars. “I highly appreciate the joint initiative of non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs and electromobility enthusiasts to take steps towards a cleaner and greener tomorrow,” says the minister.

If a few years ago the idea of ​​an electric car seemed like a distant dream due to its cost and there were very few of them in Latvia, today they are becoming more and more accessible to different groups of society. “Recently, the general public’s interest in electric cars has been growing rapidly, so the new evaluation could serve as an insight and a kind of guide to the increasingly diverse range of electric cars,” comments Roberts Jansons, editor-in-chief of “Tavs Auto TV”, who has tested many different electric cars himself. . He is also one of the authors of the “Latvijas E-auto 2024/25” idea. According to Robert Jansons, currently electric cars can be safely called not a whim or a simple desire to try everything new, but a part of everyday mobility solutions.

According to Kārļa Mendziņas, head of the Estonian electric car charging network “Eleport” in Latvia, currently the field of electromobility in our country is still in the transition stage from early enthusiasts to electric cars as the choice of the general public. According to him, this is why many people will definitely be interested in this series of e-car promotion events, which will allow them to look at the possibilities of electric cars, break the myths that it is an expensive pleasure, and understand that investing in this type of vehicle is a far-sighted investment.

“The development of the electric car industry means that these cars are becoming more accessible to the user – the variety of models in the price category around 20,000 to 25,000 euros is increasing. It is significantly cheaper than a few years ago. However, we cannot expect that e-car prices will become very low, even if we take into account the safety requirements of the European Union,” comments Kārlis Mendziņš.

Although the series of events has just been announced and the first test drives are planned only at the beginning of summer, they have already attracted a lot of interest from the public. Kārlis Mendziņš reveals that the first groups have already been fully completed. According to him, this indicates good opportunities for the development of electromobility, taking into account the interest and willingness of representatives of electric car sales to participate in the series of events “Latvijas E-auto 2024/25”.

Jury member of the competition, engineer and pioneer of electromobility in Latvia Andris Dambis is particularly keen on the presence of electric cars in daily traffic. “Yes, currently there are enough electric cars in Latvia as well. We see them on the streets, especially in the center of Riga. Therefore, this is the right time to compare electric cars with each other, to identify their good and maybe also some bad features. They are so different, nowadays it is worth trying such cars for yourself”, invites Andris Dambis.

The set of activities will take place in several stages – announcement of nominees, test drives, determination of the likes award and an event for a wider circle of society at the “Spice” t/c. The final awarding ceremony will take place in the Riga Motor Museum.

Electric cars will be judged in several categories. Among them will be winners in the price category up to 50,000 euros and in the price category above 50,000 euros. Also, prizes will be awarded in several nominations – “Made for the city”, “Family choice”, “Entrepreneur’s choice”, “Business class”, “Most beautiful design” and “Sympathy award”, which will be determined by public vote.

A press conference dedicated to the opening of “Latvijas E-auto 2024/25” will take place on April 9 at 12.00 in the Riga Motor Museum. Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Climate and Energy Jānis Irbe, representatives of the management of Riga City Council, CSDD board chairman Aivars Aksenoks, representative of the Baltic Sustainable Mobility Alliance Aivis Lonskis, as well as representatives of the jury – “Eleport” manager Kārlis Mendziņš, auto engineer Andris Dambis and “Tavs Auto TV” will take part in it. ” leader Gust Kikust.


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