It is not as if we are welcomed there with open arms

It is not as if we are welcomed there with open arms
It is not as if we are welcomed there with open arms

Don. Photo: Instagram @dons_lv

“It’s not as if we are welcomed there with open arms, because the participants of the big countries are preferred, but we have won our place. We have gained the interest of many large media, it seems that I have spoken with all the leading companies, I can’t even list them all,” Dons, Latvia’s representative at this year’s Eurovision, tells “Kas Jauns” magazine.

“We talk a lot about Latvia, and we have already invited quite a few people to Latvia in the summer to enjoy our nature and culture… We have become ambassadors of Latvia,” the musician admits to the publication.

At the Eurovision warm-up events, Don surprises the audience with his visual image, wearing something different to each concert. “We have received quite a lot of recognition from the press and other participants for this, they are already waiting to see what I will wear at the next event. A lot of costumes are made and they have to be shown,” explains Don.

What he will wear on the “Eurovision” stage is kept a secret. “There are several outfits that haven’t been shown yet. At the moment there are two options, let’s see which one will be better for Eurovision,” the musician reveals to the publication.

As for what the show will be like, Don makes no secret of the fact that a strong team has been brought in to produce it. For example, Nicola Refsing from London, who was once also the creative director of “Eurovision” in Denmark. “Of course, you also have to be lucky, because in the semi-finals, where everything is decided by the audience’s vote, there is nothing without luck,” the musician tells the publication.

It should be noted that on Sunday, April 28, in the Great Atrium of the “Spice” shopping center from 2:00 p.m., everyone will have the opportunity to wish luck to the Latvian representative, musician Don, in the “Eurovision”.

Before going to “Eurovision”, where Don will represent Latvia with the song “Hollow”, the musician will meet with fans and supporters to give a small, public interview to the host of the “Generation Famous” program Laura Saulīte in a warm atmosphere, answer the questions of the audience and receive good wishes.

Until April 28, visitors can write their words of strength and wishes for Don in Eurovision on a specially created wall in the Great Atrium of “Spices”. Those present will not only have the opportunity to meet the artist, but also take a photo together and get autographs, the shopping center informs.

In the “Eurovision” song contest in Malmö, Sweden, Latvia’s song will be performed in the second semi-final on May 9. Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Georgia, Estonia, Israel, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland will also participate in it. The first semi-final of Eurovision will be held on May 7, while the final will be held on May 11.

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