Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Jackson Page LIVE: Latest scores and updates from the World Snooker Championship

Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Jackson Page LIVE: Latest scores and updates from the World Snooker Championship
Ronnie O’Sullivan vs Jackson Page LIVE: Latest scores and updates from the World Snooker Championship

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Ronnie O’Sullivan returns to the Crucible this week with the aim of becoming the record holder for most snooker World Championships won.

He has won the title seven times, a record he holds with Stephen Hendry, but would move clear with an eighth victory should he successfully win the tournament in Sheffield.

O’Sullivan is in fine form having triumphed in the UK Championship and Masters earlier this season and there is the possibility that he can make a clean sweep of snooker’s Triple Crown events if he wins this competition. It would be the first time in his career that O’Sullivan has achieved that feat.

And O’Sullivan roared out of the blocks as he built an 8-1 lead over Jackson Page in the first session of their first round match at the Crucible. O’Sullivan looked up for the task from the off as he fired four half-centuries plus a break of 122 in the fifth frame as he left the young Welsh qualifier next to no chance of rescuing the situation when they resumed Thursday.

It took just two frames in the session for O’Sullivan to confirm his spot in the second round where he will face another Welshman in Ryan Day.

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Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-1 Jackson Page

“To do what I’ve done this season (winning five titles including UK Championship and Masters) in your whole career, you’d go ‘I’ve had a great career’, I’ve been doing that for 30 years.” O’Sullivan replied when asked about his longevity and desire to keep winning.

“I’ve had the greatest career of any other snooker player, how many people can say they’ve been the best and most successful at their job? I have to give myself a pat on the back, because I don’t and I’m hard on myself, but the reality is no-one has achieved what I have achieved on the table.

“Statistically. I’m not a statistics guy, for me I just want to enjoy it and keep playing. What’s possible? I don’t know. It’s great to find out, let’s see what can happen.”

Mike Jones25 April 2024 14:20


Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-1 Jackson Page

More from O’Sullivan: “I’ve felt as good the last couple of weeks on the practice tables as I have done the last six or seven years. I don’t lie when I say I’m not playing well. I say what I feel and I don’t care if I leave myself vulnerable, I have the confidence to back it up.

“I know the ability is there, it’s just finding the right formula, that’s what I’m trying to do. I’ve already broken the rules for snooker as far as I’m concerned.

“I’m still going at 48, 49 so I’m just seeing what’s possible. How long can you keep going for? Can I win a World Championship at 50? Who knows.

“I’m probably the only player that’s able to do that so let’s see.”

Mike Jones25 April 2024 14:12


Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-1 Jackson Page

Reaction from Ronnie O’Sullivan:

“I played well, cued well. Jackson is a really good player and I knew I had to be on my game. It was one of the hardest first round draws you could get, but I’m pleased with my performance.

“I just play, the harder the test the more I see it as a challenge. I’ve trained hard all my life, I’m mentally hard, I’m tough and ready to play.

“To be honest with you, I played terrible for two years. I know I’ve won but that’s what I do, I win. That’s something I’ve been blessed with and you never lose that. You can play terrible and win, you just need the mindset of a winner, which I have.”

Mike Jones25 April 2024 14:03


Ronnie O’Sullivan 10-1 Jackson Page

Ronnie O’Sullivan slots in the green with a long shot down the table and Jackson Page concedes the match! This session ends in around 40 minutes.

O’Sullivan needed just two frames today to reach the second round. That was a classy performance.

Mike Jones25 April 2024 13:53


Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-1 Jackson Page

O’Sullivan finishes this break off by potting the yellow and moving 31 points ahead with 25 points left. Jackson Page will give it another go in the hopes of finding a snooker.

The next pot will decide this frame.

Mike Jones25 April 2024 13:51


Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-1 Jackson Page

A great safety shot from O’Sullivan forces Page into an error and allows the Rocket to take control of the frame again. There are just three reds left in play with five points separating the players.

O’Sullivan goes back into the lead but will have a couple of things to think about as the remaining reds are tricky. He takes one out, then the black.

The next red drops and again the black follows to take the break to 28. He comes down the right cushion and gets the last red! That’ll be the match…

Mike Jones25 April 2024 13:50


Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-1 Jackson Page

Jackson Page takes on a tricky pink, he’s got nothing to lose at 9-1 down, but the color ricochets out of the middle right pocket. O’Sullivan then takes the lead with a break of nine but bobbles the blue around the lip and gives the initiative back to Page.

It’s been an awkward frame this one.

Mike Jones25 April 2024 13:46


Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-1 Jackson Page

O’Sullivan is chipping away at the reds but can’t get good enough positioning to rack up a huge break. He’s cut the gap to just two points, but once again the players engage in a bit of safety play.

Mike Jones25 April 2024 13:43


Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-1 Jackson Page

Page leads 18-9 but O’Sullivan nestles a red into the middle left pocket. He puts in the yellow and looks to position the white down the opposite end of the table.

There’s nothing else to go at though and he is forced to play safe. This is a tense frame.

Mike Jones25 April 2024 13:40


Ronnie O’Sullivan 9-1 Jackson Page

Page is concerned that the cueball is about to drop into the top right and clips a red with his cue as he’s distracted. It’s a surprising foul which brings O’Sullivan back to the table.

He comes down the line and knocks in a wonderful long shot!

He then plays a snooker, hiding the cueball behind the green at the top end of the table. Page then fouls trying to slip the white up to the pack of reds.

Mike Jones25 April 2024 13:37

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