Riga municipality will assess the suitability of its properties for setting up shelters

Riga municipality will assess the suitability of its properties for setting up shelters
Riga municipality will assess the suitability of its properties for setting up shelters

Currently, the municipality, in cooperation with the State Fire and Rescue Service (VUGD), has started the first stage of the property survey, during which the suitability of the premises is checked in schools. In the second stage, it is planned to survey kindergartens, then social care and medical institutions, and finally – administrative buildings of the municipality.

“In this way, we will get an overview of how many objects owned by the municipality are suitable for shelter. (..) The ambition is to survey all of them together with VUGD this year,” Reinsons said, while adding that the survey rate could be around 100 objects per month.

The representative of the municipality indicated that the first step will be to improve suitable premises for temporary shelter, namely shelter for up to two hours, but the plan is to gradually improve shelters into places where it is possible to stay for a longer period of time. Rainson said temporary shelters should have a first aid kit, food supplies and supplies to help clear an exit. On the other hand, long-term shelters would require a ventilation system, larger food reserves, water supply, a diesel generator and room autonomy, that is, a backup exit is desirable.

The well-equipped shelters of the municipality are marked with three stickers: a label approved by the VUGD guidelines, an international label approved by the Geneva Convention, and a label in Braille. Information about the adapted objects will be placed in the Civil Defense Plan of the Riga Municipality.

The mayor of Riga Vilnis Ķirsis (JV) emphasized that the involvement of the residents themselves is also essential, and called on the residents of Riga to also inspect the basements of their buildings and adapt them for safe shelter. At the same time, Ėirsis expressed that the premises should have a double use, that is, they should be used right now, and the residents know where they are, how to enter them and what is in the premises. As an example, the mayor of Riga mentioned the sports complex of the 49th secondary school of Riga, the basement of which will soon be freed of excess belongings, refurbishing it into a safe shelter, and at the same time, separate basement rooms will be used as premises for the Young Guard.

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