“They will destroy us”; What did Zhirinovsky predict for Russia?


A new shocking prediction of the scandalous Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who passed away in April 2022, has been published on the Internet, TopNews reports.

Several years ago, a politician spoke about migrants. In his prophecy, he told exactly what would happen in Russia.

Actress Yana Poplavskaya reminded Telegram of this.

“They [migranti] we will be destroyed! And these are not only newcomers, these are young people – younger than 30 years old – strong, and mostly men,” Zhirinovskis said at the time.

According to him, such newcomers “like to fight” and “always have a dagger, a gun or drugs” in their pocket.

“They beat our citizens, kill them, rape them, infect them,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky said in a televised debate at the time.

He also stated that even an hourly rate will not save the situation, and migrants in general are not beneficial for Russia because they do not know how to work.

In a comment, Poplavskaya noted that Zhirinovsky “set everything right” in his prediction.

“But he didn’t know yet that they would move in with whole families, get citizenship en masse and get all the benefits, maternity capital and family mortgages. And spit on all Russian laws. His hair would stand on end,” wrote the actress.

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