“Theatre Festival No. 3”

“Theatre Festival No. 3”
“Theatre Festival No. 3”

From June 5 to 8, “Theatre Festival No. 3” will be held in Daugavpils, which serves as a meeting platform for festival organizers, participating artists and visitors to festival performances. The program of the festival will consist of performances that stand out both with an unusual form and content that is relevant and necessary for today’s people, as well as conversations with the audience and meetings of professionals.

“Theatre Festival No. 3” is created through the cooperation of Dirty Deal Teatro, Ęertrudes Street Theatre, Latvian Puppet Theater and Daugavpils Theatre. The creators of the festival are united by the belief that at a time when society is divided by both economic and political upheavals, the theater is the right place to meet one another, listen to many voices and imagine a better future together.

The focus of the festival is change – both internal and external. The slogan of this year’s festival is also symbolic – “Latgale is close”, which calls for promoting changes in the perception of this region. This slogan reminds not only the guests of the festival, but also the residents of Latgale that Latgale is not some unreachable and unattainable place in the context of Latvia or Europe. It is close, right here, “within a wing’s beat” or at arm’s length, all you have to do is want to hold hands.

The festival will be opened in the Daugavpils theater on June 5 at 7:00 p.m. with the theater performance “The Witch” (directed by Andrejs Jarovojs) on Đertrudes Street, in which Aspazija’s poetry is sung accompanied by a pulsating hip-hop beat. The creative team of the show, following the magnificent script of Aspasia’s language, uses voice and rhythm games to illuminate the thread stored in the story of “The Witch” about the experience of a woman, fulfilling her longings and dreams.

On June 6, Dirty Deal Teatro invites the audience to the participation performance “Conference for all good people” (dir. V. Sīlis), where every visitor will have the opportunity to feel the image of a conference participant. On this day, the Daugavpils theater will play the psychological drama “Lies without rules” (dir. O. Shaposhnikovs) – a play about manipulations, lies and their consequences through the prism of the microcosm of a love triangle. After the performance, there will be a discussion on the topics of lies, manipulation and misinformation, in which the British ambassador to Latvia, Paul Brummel, will also participate.

On June 7, Dirty Deal Teatro offers the people of Daugavpils to watch the saga about being able and not being able to “Mantojums” (Miglājs AJV), which tells about the invisible dowry that each of us carries under the influence of various events. On the other hand, the Gertrude Street Theater will play the movement performance “that’s all we can do” (dir. Andrejs Jarovojs), which, based on the traditions of techno and electronic club culture, invites us to pay attention to solidarity and inclusive humanity – what we lack so much in everyday relationships with each other.

The festival will be closed by the Latvian Puppet Theater with a performance for babies from 9 months to 2 years old “Chuchi, Spilventiņ!” (dir. L. Šmukste), which will take place on June 8. This performance is an opportunity to get acquainted with the theater environment on a sensory level by watching, hearing, touching and crawling on the theater stage.

After each performance, the audience is invited to participate in a conversation with the show’s creators and participants to share their impressions of what they saw.

On the other hand, there will be three discussions for performing arts professionals, which will discuss current issues regarding the possibilities of cooperation with local governments, how to jointly create long-term plans for performing arts, and promoting accessibility in theater art.

The full program of “Theatre Festival No. 3” can be found on the Daugavpils theater website:


Tickets for the performances are already available at the Daugavpils theater box office (654 26520), “Biļešu paradīze” box offices and online at https://www.bilesuparadize.lv/lv/custompage/4298.

“Theatre Festival No. 3” is organized by the State Cultural Capital Fund,

Support of Daugavpils State City Municipality and Daugavpils State City Municipal Authority “Vienības Nams”

Information prepared by:

Yanina Ivanova

VSIA “Daugavpils theater” public relations manager

Mob. tel. no. 28445647

E-mail: [email protected]


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