For me, first of all, a motorcycle is a work of art / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio

For me, first of all, a motorcycle is a work of art / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio
For me, first of all, a motorcycle is a work of art / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio

Tonight Monopoly goes to the motorcycle nursing home. Let’s get to know its owner – owner of technical history on two wheels – restorer and collector of retro motorcycles Armandas Ābeli.

“For me, first of all, a motorcycle is a work of art. If we really look at a technique that was created a hundred years ago or 70 years ago, that you look into it so deeply, you realize that every detail has been worked very, very hard. It is like the highest pilotage of crafts, admits Armands Ābele. “If we look at modern technology, then it is such a mass product, a business format in which people have the opportunity to drive a mochi and move at high speed. But

tormentors of the time, they still require a lot of attention. They demand proper handling. He must be heard all the time, he must be felt. If something is wrong with him, you can’t just say: well, tomorrow I’ll fix it, then I’ll go out next time and then fix it. No, no, no, he never makes mistakes like that. Immediate action is required. A patient and a doctor, that’s pretty much the format.

(..) It is a work of art, that’s how I perceive it as a work of art. That’s why I also have this collection, to show how this motorcycle construction has developed in Europe, starting from the time when there was just a wheel and then there was an engine, and then someone thought of putting that engine in…

(..) starting from that time and ending in the twenties and thirties, which is my favorite segment, how the motor industry has developed. Then there is a little bit of Soviet equipment and then the latest torturers, it’s more everyday.”

“I like to assemble everything myself, screw it up, make sure that everything is straight and beautiful. If there are any things like polishing the small parts so that they can be displayed, shown, taken outside. That’s my thing,” reveals Armands Ābele . “I’m poorer in terms of knowledge about all engines, ignition regulation and such things, you also need some kind of education in return. The general understanding of the culture of that time, the technique, what should be in this moto nursing home, it’s in my head.”

In the restoration process, which is not one’s own strength, friends help with their knowledge and competences.

Engineer, businessman, as well as restorer and collector, Armands Ābele studied “Control Systems and Automation” at Riga Technical University.

At the beginning of his career, Armands worked as a project manager, but after some time the idea for his own company was born, which turned into reality almost 20 years ago. Currently, Armands is the manager of “SIA A. Ābeles design office”, and today the company can be proud of many ambitious projects.

In 2015, Armands received the highest rating in the construction industry and received the Construction Industry Grand Award in the Engineer of the Year category.

A big part of Armand’s life is collecting retro motorcycles, which he also restores. His collection includes 30 different vehicles. In his free time, Armands likes to ride his motorcycle and spend time in nature!

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