An unusual carp named Mirdza was found and rescued in Marupite. Fate has not been kind to him

An unusual carp named Mirdza was found and rescued in Marupite. Fate has not been kind to him
An unusual carp named Mirdza was found and rescued in Marupite. Fate has not been kind to him

The fact that the carp is in the river of Bieriņu neighborhood was noticed by the local residents, the carp was seen for the first time in Mārupīte already in February. Many people followed the fate of the carp on social media.

Representatives of the aquatic animal sanctuary prepared for several days to remove the carp from the river. This was done on the third weekend of March. The carp was quite calm, so after a few tries the fish got into the net quite quickly.

“She has a strange appetite. Conditionally eats, but she is not excited about it, it worries me. There is a long way to go to recover,” says Edvards Siliņš, head of the “AkvaRīga” sanctuary, explaining that initially there were doubts whether the carp would survive. Karpa has several injuries and other health problems.

“Deformed back, gill problems and internal parasites, we treat everything gradually,” says Siliņš.

The recovery has been going on for more than a week. Koi carp are demanding on water quality, they need a very large capacity aquarium or pond.

“She is in quarantine for now. The water is changed twice a day because she has 300 liters, but these fish need a total of at least 2500 liters. However, in quarantine, we change all the water twice a day, this is a good treatment option,” says Siliņš.

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Koi carp are bred in Japan, where they are considered a symbol of luck and wealth. The manager of “AkvaRīga” assumes that the rescued Koi carp in Latvia were kept in inappropriate conditions and inadequately fed, as evidenced by the deformation of the back. The owner of the carp realized that he could not take care of the fish, so he released it in Mārupīte, according to the head of the nursery.

River water is not suitable for Koi carp. Therefore, the carp Mirdza would not have survived long in Mārupīte.

“Of course there is another large black spot on the side that seems to be slowly disappearing, the gills are damaged which looks drastically better than it was, the fin rot has also stopped.”

It is planned that after Mirdza’s recovery, a new owner will be found who will be able to take good care of the rescued Koi carp. Aquatic animal sanctuary “AkvaRīga” operates thanks to donations from residents. The head of the sanctuary hopes to export Europe’s first humane aquarium for rescued aquatic animals in the future.

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