Struberg and Horen preach the reggae philosophy in the song

Struberg and Horen preach the reggae philosophy in the song
Struberg and Horen preach the reggae philosophy in the song

With a new song “Mama jaga mama raga!” Kristaps Strübergs or Strübergs and Horens Stalbe, “who, with this song, want to increase peace and love in every person individually and in everyone as a whole”. A video was also made for the single.

Songs “Mama jaga mama raga!” the author of the idea is the former member of “Singapore Satin” Kristaps Strübergs or strüberg, who wrote its melody, the rhythm author is the representative of the association “Kreisais Krasts” Gundars Neimanis or TrakaMelodija, but textually the single was created by both musicians – strübergs his section and Horens his, that’s right. as it can also be heard in the performance of the song.

“The song is about peace and love. It’s about what reggae culture brings – peace, love, forgiveness, joy, humanity, turning gloomy faces into smiling ones,” says strüberg. “Reggae is not only music, but a philosophy and a worldview based on the idea of ​​brotherhood and equality between religions, races and social classes. It is not for nothing that reggae music is included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Let the world live without hatred and war, let love be the supreme power!” provided by Latvian reggae king Horens Stalbe.

“Already after the previously created projects together, Horen and I feel like a father-brother – I feel that we are walking on the same path, besides, Bob Marley is also one of my favorite philosophers and musicians. So we came to the point that we definitely need to create something else together, and here it is! When Horen contacted me to approve the creation of a joint work, the melody and words of the song immediately started playing in my head,” says strüberg.

A very nice video version was also created for the song, the idea of ​​which came from Horen. The video was filmed on location in the “Left Bank” studio with the “iDeal” donated “iPhone Pro Max 14”, it was created in VHS (home video) style, and it was done by Laima Kozule. It should be noted that Horen’s youngest son Horace also takes part in the clip.

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