An actor from a well-known TV series passed away over the weekend; he was part of this big serial family


An actor from a well-known TV series passed away over the weekend; he was part of this big serial family. His talent will live forever.

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The actor of the Russian series “Streets of Broken Lamps” and “National Security Agent” has passed away Oleg Vasilyuks

Vasiļuks passed away at the weekend – his colleague shared the sad news. Oleg Nikolayevich had a talent for creating popular series, in addition, he was a stuntman and stunt director.

Actor, stuntman and stunt director Olegs Vasiļuks has died. The audience remembers him with his roles in the TV series “Strike Streets” and “National Security Agent”. The sad fact was reported by his colleague Olegs Koritins.

“I have known him since 1974 – we made many films together. A very, very wonderful stuntman and stunt coordinator extraordinaire, it’s a shame he left us.

He always approached stunt work very thoughtfully, you could say he had his own approach. I remember a wonderful line he once said: “Stunt work in movies is not about who goes higher or jumps farther.” He was a wonderful person,” recalls Koritin.

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According to him, together with Oleg, they worked together for a long time as stunt performers, and later each went his own way, becoming directors. Among the other films in which Vasilyuks participated are Aleksey German’s senior “It’s Hard to Be a God”, “Horse Kidnapping”, “Bread, Gold, Revolver”, as well as the TV series “Treasure Island” shot in 1982.

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