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F1 team “McLaren” will start with a different livery for the fourth stage of the season, which will be held in Japan this weekend. This will only be seen on the Suzuka circuit.

The new design of the McLaren MCL38 was created by Japanese artist MILTZ (pictured). The changes affected the hood, sides and front wing of the vehicle. The Japanese calligraphy art from the Edo period (17th-19th century) is used as a motif.

In the first three stages of the season, “McLaren” has taken the status of the third strongest team, behind “Red Bull” and “Ferrari”, but Lando Norris climbed to the third step of the podium in the previous stage in Australia.

“Melbourne and Suzuka are similar in some ways,” says Norris. “There will be a lot of driving at high speed. The problem is that Ferrari have improved their performance in this regard. As recently as last year, it was their weak spot. That’s why they managed to take such a big step forward. But I think we can have a good race weekend. I will say if we can get both cars on the podium it would be a nice weekend. But this year we have to compete not only with Max Verstappen, there are two other fast cars.”

Japanese GP qualifying will start on Saturday at 9:00 in the morning Latvian time, but the start of the race on Sunday already at 8:00 a.m.

The article is in Latvian

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