America: I’m sure the Green Deal will be revised

America: I’m sure the Green Deal will be revised
America: I’m sure the Green Deal will be revised

Author: Lelde Weinberga, TV24

Member of the European Parliament Andris Ameriks expresses his opinion on whether the goals of the European Union’s Green Course will be met in the TV24 program “Ziņu TOP” (Honor to serve Riga).

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“I am 100% sure that the Green Course will be revised. And why? Because when they adopted the Green Course in 2019, five years ago, Europeans had very positive thoughts in their heads – we all want to live longer, we want to breathe fresh air, drink clean water, etc. In reality, it was all good, and the billions of euros that Europe had accumulated could have been channeled to this goal. After 2019, all these events came – first covid, then war.

Today, a lot of funds go to absolutely other purposes. It is clear that, for example, for the same internal combustion engines – to stop producing internal combustion engine cars in Europe in 2035 – this is an absolute fantasy! It will be canceled, because in order for the industry to switch to it, it must be done 7 years earlier – in 2028, the entire conveyor must be redone,” says the politician, noting that at today’s costs, the goals of the Green Course are not so easy to achieve.


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