More than +20 degrees are expected again in Latvia very soon

More than +20 degrees are expected again in Latvia very soon
More than +20 degrees are expected again in Latvia very soon

In the coming days, the air temperature in Latvia will gradually rise, at the beginning of next week it will exceed +20 degrees, according to current weather forecasts.

On Thursday, the weather will be mostly cloudy and rainy, it will rain more heavily in the eastern part of the country. The air temperature at night and during the day is expected to be between +3 and +9 degrees.

On Friday, the cyclone will move from Ukraine to the north, but the precipitation associated with it could remain in the east of Latvia. During the weekend, the weather is expected to be quite sunny, the wind will blow slowly, temporary rain and thunderstorms are possible in some places.

At night, the air temperature will drop to zero degrees in some places, the days will become warmer, on Sunday afternoon the air temperature in the south of the country is expected to be close to +20 degrees.

At the beginning of the next week, the temperature is expected to rise to +19..+24 degrees, cooler weather will remain in part of the coast.

In the coming days, the water level in the rivers will continue to rise, a further rise in the water level is also expected in the Daugava. According to the data of the Latvian Center for Environment, Geology and Meteorology, the water level in Daugava near Jēkabpils has risen by half a meter since Sunday, near Daugavpils – by 1.3 meters, near Piedruja – by less than two meters.

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