Domestic happiness in the guise of a dog. What do withdrawn corgis do?

Domestic happiness in the guise of a dog. What do withdrawn corgis do?
Domestic happiness in the guise of a dog. What do withdrawn corgis do?

More than a month ago, corgis, schipperkes and other dogs were removed from the animal kennel and ended up in four shelters. Shelter dogs have been bought from the state, paying four euros for each – this price was set by the State Security Agency.

The 106 dogs removed from the animal kennel “Lieldeviņzare” were taken to four animal shelters – “Mežavairogi”, “Ķepu-kėpā”, Jugla animal shelter “Labās mājes” and Sloka animal shelter.

How the dogs are doing and feeling now, the animal shelter “Good Houses” tells on its Facebook page.

They are all home!

Only one is still with us, waiting for the new owners to return from their business trip. They are Welsh Corgi puppies. It is enough to look at the photos from the moments of adoption, so that there is no doubt that happiness in the form of a dog has entered 11 homes!

We owe an explanation to the people who were also waiting to be able to apply for the status of “new parents”, but did not get there. The usual procedure with confiscated dogs, as long as they are considered to be kept – they are not shown or spoken to. This time everything turned out differently. The most persistent drove to the shelter. Although the animals were not seen, they were asked to be included among the applicants. During negotiations, we refused most of them, we recorded some, promising: when we can see the dogs, we will let you know.

Every day, at least 10 people who wanted corgi puppies came in person, plus phone calls, e-mails, social networks… It only took a couple of hours to find homes for 12 puppies, it took us two weeks. We sifted the applicants mercilessly.

Is it easy to say – no!

For example, a family with three children… Probably, if the roles were reversed, we would order a shelter in dill, but the family did not get mad. Our arguments: children at an age when parents should devote all their time to them, not to the dog, and children can accidentally hurt the puppy, and the noise at home can be too loud and the little one will grow up to be a nervous, naughty dog, which will not bring joy to anyone.

The conversation took place before the family saw the puppies. It was easier for us to say no and that was it. However, the realization that our “no” would not deter the family from purchasing an animal elsewhere prompted an attempt to explain the concern. We did not hide why we are inclined to refuse. The family admitted: shocked.

We called again to the shelter to explain everything. At the last moment, an idea came up that the family didn’t know about: children with puppies, let’s stay in the grass and see how the little ones behave towards the dogs. If our doubts are justified, parents will also understand what we are talking about.

Upon arrival, the family admitted: they thought a lot about what we said, analyzed how children behave towards relatives, friends’ pets, figured out how to provide the dog with its own place, where children will not disturb him…

To our delight, the children were very careful in their relationship with the puppy and Cosmo is now the pet of a family of three! But it was so easy to say, “No.”

How were the new hosts chosen?

All applicants were similarly “tortured”. Why does a family on the Liepāja side need one more dog with already 8 dogs and 5 cats? All animals are sterilized there, all pets, not watchdogs, and they want this, because tragically the life of a beloved corgi ended.

Why does a family from Rēzekne, which already has two female dogs – a rottweiler and a double terrier – need a third one? At the moment, we no longer remember what was answered, but we have the good aftertaste of talking to fantastic dog people.

Why does a young couple need a puppy? Recently lost dog. We could physically feel the loss still ripping through us.

Why does a young man, starting an independent life, need a dog and a puppy? Because growing up in the family of a veterinarian, there have always been animals at home, life without a dog is unimaginable; it is planned to take a bigger one, but my mother convinced me: I need a smaller one, so that if necessary I can become a dog sitter for her for a while, it will be easier to take care of the dog.

To two families who came to the shelter in search of a new dog and had not heard anything about corgi puppies, we offered ourselves: this option will be the most optimal for you. One family’s dog had died, the other had their first dog.

One family already had a dog that came to the shelter a while ago to get to know another puppy, but we did not give the latter one. Not because the family is unsuitable. Excellent. However, we chose other owners for that puppy – even more suitable for the specific puppy. We now offered a corgi-like four-legged friend to the grieving family, and in a few days they will have one-size-fits-all adorable dog ladies.

Another dog, whose resemblance to a corgi these days could be only in height, because the ears drooped down like a basset hound, went home to two dogs, one also a corgi mix, the other was once adopted from another shelter.

Two of the puppies will grow up in families who are, but now we can consider, were our volunteer dog walkers. We tinkered exactly like the others, only we gave a small bonus: these people have already proven in their work that dogs, their upbringing and helping those in distress are the work they are familiar with.

Thank you to the donors of the puppies: Royal Canin for the food, If Insurance for the discount on pet insurance, Dino Zoo for the Gold customer card with the special shelter coupon.

Invited to the Great Taluk

On April 27, when the Great Cleanup will take place throughout Latvia, we invite you to cleanup in “Labajās tāma” and in the Jugla forest. During cleaning, we will clean the outdoor area of ​​the shelter, the interior, the part of the Jugla forest adjacent to the shelter. You should bring a sunny disposition, a determination to do good deeds and, if possible, a rake. We will take care of the gloves and we will treat all the volunteers with Rimi delicacies. Please fill out this form so we know you will be:

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