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Cylindrical Imperata “Red Baron”

Cylindrical imperata ‘Red Baron’. PHOTO: DREILINU PLANTS

A beautiful, decorative grass, highlighting the vertical accent in the bed and the red tone in the garden in autumn. Height 40-50 cm. It will like to grow in a sunny place, in moderately moist soil. When planting, take into account the spreading nature of the grass.

Chinese miscante ‘Red Chief’

Chinese Miscante ‘Red Chief’. PHOTO: DREILINU PLANTS

One of the medium-sized miscanths, which reaches a height of up to 1.5 m. It begins to bloom in September with dark red, bronze spots. The foliage is green and turns pink towards autumn. The tops of the leaves strongly bend down.

Miscantes will feel good in the sun, semi-shade. Miscantes are recommended to be planted in one variety in a larger group. Flower clusters are one of the most impressive decorations in the garden – from August to early spring, when they are pruned in the spring. “Inflorescences of some varieties shine like pearls in the sun. When choosing miscanti for your garden, you should take into account that the clump will occupy a considerable width and during the dry season they need constant soil moisture,” explains the gardener.

Blue Molinia ‘Torch’

Blue moline ‘Torch’. PHOTO: DREILINU PLANTS

Reaching a height of 1 m, Molinia ‘Torch’ forms a very fine, compact clump, creating more of a vertical accent with flower spikes. Foliage – green, in winter – orange. Molinia is a second half of summer, an autumn grass that forms only clusters of leaves until August, delighting with its lightness from August to early spring, when the plant is pruned. Molinia can be planted both in pots and in flower boxes. If planted in the garden, larger plantings will look great.

Foxglove “Little Bunny”

Foxglove ‘Little Bunny’. PHOTO: DREILINU PLANTS

“Little Bunny” is one of the shortest varieties, reaching a height of 45 cm. Flowering begins in August with small, fluffy, white flower spikes. Foxgloves are very ornamental grasses, whose flower spikes form in the second half of summer and remain until spring, when the plants are pruned. Foxtails will not like stagnant moisture and heavy soil. It is better to plant in the sun, in well-drained soil. It should be taken into account that foxtails wake up very late.

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