Throughout April, service providers in Latvia invite customers to evaluate service quality

Throughout April, service providers in Latvia invite customers to evaluate service quality
Throughout April, service providers in Latvia invite customers to evaluate service quality

From April 1st to 30th, the “Month of Compliments” will take place in Latvia, the purpose of which is to give customers an opportunity to evaluate the quality of service providers’ work and highlight the best service places in Latvia. More than 500 trade and service places in Latvia are ready to listen to the evaluation and receive compliments.

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Throughout April, residents can rate those service providers whose work affects them on a daily basis. To do this, you need to scan the QR code of the “Compliment Month” participant at service and sales points and provide a rating. The evaluation of the services will be based on the criteria that Latvian residents have recognized as the most important in the feasibility study* – the service provider’s knowledge of the service, the quality of communication with the client, the ability to solve problem situations, the attitude towards the client and the ability to be unobtrusive, but at the same time kind and attentive.

“The “Compliment Month” voting will take place until the end of April 30. After the voting results are collected, the service providers who received the highest ratings will receive ratings and recognition marks in the bronze, silver and gold categories. Recognition signs will allow customers to easily identify places that other customers have recognized as places of high-quality and reliable service. By organizing the “Compliment Month”, we want to highlight and compliment those organizations that take care every day to ensure that we receive quality and pleasant service, and that our daily routines and everyday life are comfortable and possible,” says Raivis Balodis, organizer of the “Compliment Month”.


Service providers of various industries in Latvia are ready to hear their assessment: cosmetics manufacturers Madara Cosmetics, The Body Shop and Stenders; representatives of the catering industry Pizza Lulū, LIDO, Ezītis Miglā, Es mīlė kafia, Baltic Restaurants cafes Daily, NoonBox and Chat; medical centers ARS, Latvian American Eye Center and CORE Therapy; outlets RIMI, stores Top!, Riga Central Market and Domina Shopping; the Apollo Kino cinema and the Splendid Palace. Tele2, insurance company BALTA, Autonams, Moller Auto, Mobilly, private school PATNIS, language house Skrivanek, Nordtext, iDeal, Melngalvju nams, IlieecMaisā, Kraso, DPD, 4Finance, and Directorate of Autotransport also participate in “Compliment Month”. More information about the vote and participants at

The data of the market research center “Norstat” show that 96% of us pay attention to how we are served in places of sales and service provision. And there are very practical reasons for this – the quality of service can improve or spoil the mood for a short time or even longer. For example, 69.9% of the surveyed residents admit that during the last month, the quality of service has improved their mood, for example, made them smile, created a pleasant atmosphere. At the same time, in 33.9% of cases it has also spoiled the mood, making a person sadder and creating a negative atmosphere. 76.4% of the surveyed residents believe that the customer/buyer service culture in Latvia can be evaluated as positive, that is, it is rather good, good or even very good. But 23.6% of respondents are not satisfied with the service culture that has developed in Latvia.**

About “Compliment Month”

The good service initiative “Compliment Month” highlights and compliments those service providers who are most valued by customers. We want others to know about them, but the service providers themselves realize that their efforts, initiatives and standards are of value. But most of all we want to increase mutual smiles by receiving and providing good service! We will announce the best Latvian service providers who have received compliments in the gold, silver and bronze categories in May 2024.

The “Compliment Month” team consists of the evaluation platform and data analysis company “Delight”, the design company “Asteroid” and the communication company “Jazz Communications”. The feasibility study and development of sociological evaluations of “Compliment Month” is provided by the sponsor, the market research center “Norstat”. Our media friends – TV24, LA.LV, Radio EHR and Clear Channel will help Compliments month to be heard in a high quality and widely.

The “Compliment Month” feasibility study and the sociological assessment of the assessment are being developed by the market research center “Norstat”.
** Data source: Internet survey, population aged 18-69, n=500, data extraction November 2023.


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