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This year, for the 16th time, the Latvian National Culture Center together with cooperation partners is organizing the event “Meet your master”. Those interested are invited to participate in master classes to learn about various trades and skills passed down through generations of masters, and at the same time get involved in the preservation of intangible cultural heritage. Craftsmen will invite you to a meeting in the Bauska region on April 20 and 21, offering to join folk costume making, mitten knitting, pastal making and other master workshops.

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“”Meet your master!” has become a beautiful and stable tradition in sixteen years. There is a sense of satisfaction in the fact that some of the craftsmen have been loyal participants of the event almost since its beginnings, while a sense of continuity is created by the fact that more and more new places, participants and different types of events are emerging. This time too – from lectures, talks and discussions to practical master workshops,” says Linda Rubena, an expert in the folk arts of the Latvian National Cultural Center.

On April 20, from 12:00 to 2:30 p.m., those interested are invited to a meeting with Harija Jaunzemas, a certified master carver at the Bauska Museum. He will tell those present about Latvian ornaments, symbols and Latvianness. Jewelry demonstrations will also be scheduled and will be available for purchase. The number of participants in this event is not limited.

On April 20 and 21, interested parties will be welcomed by the master classes of the creative studio “Lemo ART” in “Ezerinius” of Ceraukstes parish. Here you will have the opportunity to pour beeswax candles, make honey caramels, antibacterial lip balm, soap, you will be able to roll out candles from artificial cells, as well as taste bee products. The participation fee is set at 10 euros and prior application is required by phone +371 29401411.

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On April 21, in the recreation complex “Miķelis” in Gailīšu parish, from 12 to 2 p.m., you will be able to learn about linen shirts and dresses: archaeological, ethnographic, modern. The representatives of the studio “Vërtes” will talk about the choice of materials and tools, the choice of an outfit, taking measurements, embroidery and stitching. In the practical part, you will be able to embroider a sample of the two-way pull-out of Zemgale’s luxurious shirt. Additional information can be obtained by calling Sanita Behmana Baibakova at +37129279516.

On April 21, the Bauska folk art studio invites you to a knitting event in the studio premises at Kalna street 6. Any needleworker whose future plans are to knit their own mittens can participate in the event. Those who want to knit will be able to get acquainted with the diversity and splendor of ethnographic gloves of Latvia and Zemgale, they will have the opportunity to learn about the composition, pattern, color combination of the Bauska glove, they will be able to compose their own glove pattern and knit a pattern. There are seven places in this master class, registration by phone: +371 26222138.

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On the same day, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., interested parties are welcome at the Iecava Culture House, where they will be able to make pastalas under the guidance of Jautrīte Berentes (you will have to pay for the leather). Pre-registration is mandatory by writing to phone +371 26576106. Ethnographic folk costume bags/pockets can also be sewn under the guidance of Elīna Beitiņas (a small fee for fabrics is expected). Must be recommended by phone +371 26188186 (by writing).

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On April 21, Kristīne Karele, leader of the folklore ensemble “Tarkški” will teach how to sing lullabies at the Iecava Culture House.

To choose which master class to go to in Latvia, the Latvian National Cultural Center invites you to take a look at “Meet your master!” on the map, which will be supplemented with offers throughout Latvia. The event is organized by the Latvian National Cultural Center in cooperation with local governments and craftsmen throughout Latvia.

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