Veterinarians: Local governments must immediately solve the problem of stray dogs – BNN

Veterinarians: Local governments must immediately solve the problem of stray dogs – BNN
Veterinarians: Local governments must immediately solve the problem of stray dogs – BNN

Municipalities must immediately seriously address the problems of stray dogs, and the amendments recently adopted by the Saeima to the Animal Protection Law give new and broader powers to the municipal police, administrative inspections of municipalities and the State Police to punish irresponsible animal owners, comments Latvian Veterinary Association (LVB).

“Straying is not just a welfare offence, as stray dogs can and do cause damage. With deplorable regularity in the media, there are reports of attacks on farm animals, who are mauled, die from stress, and are chased away. It also causes moral suffering and material losses to people,” says the member.

Therefore, LVB calls on municipalities responsible for the control of stray animals, as well as law enforcement authorities, to take action and apply real penalties to irresponsible dog owners in order to prevent repeated violations.

In LVB’s view, municipalities should immediately change their views on stray dogs also because

that the law will no longer allow dogs to be kept on chains and this could encourage stray dogs.

“Some dog owners do not understand that the mentioned norm will apply only to newborn dogs, they are already afraid of punishment for “training” the dog to live without a chain, letting it run free. Unsupervised dogs not only kill farm animals and cause economic losses to farmers, but also become victims of road traffic accidents, often causing them themselves,” the association continues.

The association believes that it is absurd to continue to consider stray animals primarily as a violation of welfare. “Whenever a stray dog ​​ends up in a shelter, the police should be informed about it and the owner of the dog should be punished. However, in many municipalities, the historically established procedure is still in place, that the police are not involved and the dog is returned in return for a “donation” and can continue to roam again – sometimes even for years. Shelters that receive municipal funding are not interested in breaking this cycle.”

In many municipalities, the registration of dogs is not controlled, under the pretext of lack of time and other priorities, the association comments. “This is the place to ask the question, is the safety of the residents of the municipality really of such little value? By not providing preventive control, municipalities spend huge amounts of taxpayers’ money on purchases to catch these dogs and place them in shelters. Therefore, the excuse of a lack of funds to promote the responsibility of dog owners is absurd.”

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