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In the middle of the day at Dobele Hospital, the surgeon on duty has to balance between several patients at the same time within ten minutes. “Doctors have a load, because there is only one doctor in the therapy department and surgeons, traumatologists are also being pushed in all directions,” said Sanita Logina, paramedic of SIA “Dobeles and surrounding area hospital”.

The largest influx of patients is on weekends and Monday night. Of course, regional hospitals have the choice not to refuse these specialists, but their stay at night hours in the on-call posts will be at the expense of the hospital’s already pressing budget.

“If the hospital has to provide 24-hour gynecological assistance, surgical assistance and obstetric assistance, then an anesthesiologist is undoubtedly necessary,” said Leons Zariņš, a member of the board of SIA “Dobeles und įklinnes slimnīca”.

The Ministry’s potential plan would require Dobele Hospital’s most serious patients to be taken to the nearest, higher-level medical institution. It is, for example, Jelgava, which is more than 30 kilometers away.

“It is clear that the removal of the anesthesiologist-reanimatologist from the post of on-call doctor in Dobele or Tukum, it is also planned to be done in Tukum, or the removal of the same surgeon in Bauska will definitely increase the workload of our reception department, which would be after these potential decisions are made,” said SIA “Jelgava Hospital” board member Kārlis Smilga.

“You can take him to Jelgava with bleeding, but if there is heavy bleeding, then there is somewhere closer. If it takes half an hour, the person will remain in a more serious condition if he survives,” explained Roman Kasminin, surgeon at the hospital in Dobele and the surrounding area.

Jelgava hospital expressed that such decisions will only result in an unreasonable rotation of employees and patients. “When talking about the potential savings, you have to understand – if we have 115 today and 20 more patients will come, it means that

the surgeon who is not on duty in Bauska will be on duty with us, only the patient will travel around Latvia,” said Smilga.

“If the people ask that they need medics, it’s not the government that needs medics, the people need medics, then the nearest 33 km is Jelgava, the nearest place,” said Ārvaldis, a patient at the reception department of Dobele Hospital.

An employee of Dobele Hospital said that they bring patients there from Saldus, Tukums and even Kuldiga. After treatment of the injury, no one is thrown outside at night, they offer at least a couch to stay.

“Dobele Hospital will definitely not give up the anesthesiologist-reanimatologist regardless of the financial framework for this event,” said Zariņš.

The management of the Bauska hospital also expressed their concern, saying that if their patients are taken to Jelgava at night, it is not understandable how patients from the border area of ​​Bauska will find their way home from Jelgava at night.

The Ministry of Health will discuss the planned reforms on May 30.


The concerns of the regional hospitals are related to the announcement that the ministry intends to abandon the 24-hour duty of surgeons, anesthesiologists/reanimatologists in the reception departments of regional hospitals, which the hospitals do not agree with. Later in the negotiations, it was clarified that without this profile, hospitals will not remain for doctors.

In this year’s budget, an additional 85.8 million euros will be allocated to the field of health, the largest part of which is expected to be allocated to increasing the salary of doctors and to oncology. The industry believes that approximately 220 million euros would be needed in addition to this.

The hospital association and the medical union asked the Saeima to find additional money, warning that in August and September, it may be necessary to close the planned reception of patients. Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš instructed all ministries to review expenses by May 26 in order to find the necessary additional funding for the healthcare and education sectors.

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