“This is not the first signal that something is wrong in our country” – Horen Stalbe openly about his feelings after the attack in the gas tank

“This is not the first signal that something is wrong in our country” – Horen Stalbe openly about his feelings after the attack in the gas tank
“This is not the first signal that something is wrong in our country” – Horen Stalbe openly about his feelings after the attack in the gas tank

PHOTO: From Horen’s private archive

The story about Horen Stalbi and what he experienced on April 13, when after the concert he and his colleague Kristaps Struberg went to the gas station for snacks, but were attacked by completely unknown people.

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We have already reported that several guys appeared at the gas station and were rude to the employee of the gas station, who was preparing buns for the musicians at that very moment. Kristaps was waiting at the counter, while Horens was looking at what else to buy in the sales hall, when the villains attacked from behind. Received a very strong blow to the head.

After that, Horen found himself on the floor, seeing that Kristaps was leaning over him. So there was a loss of consciousness. Horen remembers lying in a “sea” of blood, so it was already suspected that his nose was broken.


LA.LV contacted Horen himself to find out how he feels now and whether, in his opinion, the attack was planned.

“I think that these gentlemen just decided to have a fight with someone, to hit someone. I don’t think it was an attack on me as Horen, I didn’t think so. They don’t seem like art connoisseurs who would go to my concerts or shows, no,” says Horen.

This answer, of course, raises questions about the security of the country as a whole. Gas tanks usually have cameras, it’s a seemingly safe place where the potential for danger is relatively low. Do we have reason to worry about security in the country as a whole? Horen doesn’t hide that he thinks about it a lot right now.

“This is not the first signal that something is wrong in our country. Some time ago, I experienced a similar event – at 20.00, when it was still light outside, I noticed two guys walking by at the corner of Čaka and Lāčplēša streets, who were waiting mercilessly. I and a few other passers-by neutralized the assailant with a knife and immediately called the police. It happened in the very center of Riga, just 2 blocks from the police station…” Horens recalls.

It was an unpleasant surprise that the police crew answered the phone call very angrily, especially when it was called repeatedly. They arrived after about 45 minutes.

“A person can be knocked down in 1 minute. So what’s the point for us anyway? What are we thinking about? At that time, we stopped a passing traffic police car, who shouldn’t have to deal with such situations, luckily they pulled up and helped. A passerby who was in the car with the children also stopped the car and ran to help.

But where do we live if the police can’t come and help in 45 minutes on a summer evening when there are no more traffic jams? Then I’m not surprised that in a gas tank, where five video surveillance cameras are working at the same time, someone can come up to another person and hit him on the head.”

The men who attacked Horen in the gas tank allegedly ran away after the incident. Of course, they are clearly visible on the video cameras, but the next step is already up to the investigation of the responsible authorities, criminal proceedings have been initiated. Horen hopes that everything will be settled legally. What does he think of these guys?

Horen responds in his characteristic positivist manner: “I have no malice against these people. Soon empathy because they have already punished themselves if they think this behavior is okay. We here fight a lot and loudly against the war in Ukraine, but sometimes it seems that we do not notice what is happening under our noses. It will lead to consequences sooner or later.”

The musician is worried about security in the country: “We are talking here about common security in the country. It turns out that civil servants have to spit on it. The police force is still understaffed, as the financial situation deteriorates, this may also lead to robberies and thefts, which will be inevitable. It’s a shame if we destroy our own country like this.”

What happened is said to be a mirror image and projection of what is happening in general. “If it wasn’t for Horen, nobody would be writing this and you wouldn’t be calling me right now. I believe that I can now use my “position of service” and good word to let the public know what is going on here. We have to stand up to it.”

When asked how he’s feeling, Horen says he can talk, but has occasional headaches and limited mobility. His daily life is complicated by the fact that he is not an IT specialist or a representative of any other profession that could be performed without leaving home. He has a family, 3 kids to take care of, so it’s important to keep going.

After the attack, he was in a trauma hospital, where he underwent an operation on his leg and was “put together”, then he was sent home to recover.
Of course, there were already plans for the summer, various events, which now partially have to be canceled. Ironically, “OratoriO” was exactly the planned performance in which Horen was given the role of a doctor, it will have to be canceled because it is physically impossible to participate in the performances. It is also difficult to connect the work of a DJ with the current situation, because this profession requires standing for a long time. If possible, he hopes to return to the stage in the near future, from where he will remind others about the values ​​of life.

Horen is very grateful to people for their support: “I want to thank everyone for their support. I get so many well wishes and wishes to help that I feel like it’s my birthday. This means that there are still many empathetic people in society, which gives hope that things will change for the better. Let’s become more aware, better, friendlier!

Maybe I’m a good example that society needed to move. My duty to society is perhaps right now to be a victim to demonstrate that something needs to change in our country.”

Horen Stalbe’s story has also been noticed in the media by culinary blogger Rojs Puķe. I also contacted him because Roy has published an appeal for financial support for Horen on his Facebook account.

Roy writes: “We never know at what moment something terrible may happen to us. Something that not only causes pain, but takes away the opportunity to live a full life. Go to work, earn money and do things you love. And at that moment we become dependent on our fellow human beings! We can only hope for the support of fellow human beings!

Horens Stalbe, the soloist of the band “Riga Raggae”, was attacked more than a week ago. He is still trying to recover from the ordeal. Let’s help Horen and donate funds so that he can buy the necessary medicine and cover his daily bills!

I invite everyone to sing and share this message!”

Mandatory indication when donating – to Horen Stalbe!
Charity Society “Pipars”
Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch
Account: LV24RIKO0001080135607

Why did Roy decide to get involved? “I saw how people supported Horen, but I thought that he also has to pay bills, raise children – like all of us. He is in a difficult situation, so we have to support and help each other. I started this campaign, encouraging people to help.”

LA.LV also joins Roy’s call, asking to support Horen as much as possible!


The article is in Latvian

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