Agrita is about to get into her dream bikini!

Agrita is about to get into her dream bikini!
Agrita is about to get into her dream bikini!

Agrita takes the last step on the way to an ideal body and goes to plastic surgeon Kaspars Feldmanis for a pre-operative consultation about the possibility of removing the excess skin on the abdomen. Agrita hopes that this summer will be special because she will finally be able to wear a bright bikini after the operation.

“I can’t understand – some kind of stress, I don’t know where it’s going,” says Agrita, a mother of many children, on the day of the consultation before the tummy tuck surgery. She reveals to Dr. Feldman that she lost 30 kilograms by her own efforts at the beginning of the slimming process, after which the weight stayed the same for two months. This was followed by bariatric surgery, or stomach reduction, with the aim of reducing the amount of food taken. The invested work resulted in minus 65 kilograms during the year.

At the moment, the stomach is the problem area that you want to fix. Looking at my stomach, I have no complexes, I wouldn’t call it that, but there is simply a feeling of discomfort.

During the examination, the surgeon wants to know if Agrita has had cesarean sections. “There were three!” she pushes herself. According to Feldmans, the scar is beautiful, almost nothing of it can be seen anymore. “The name of the operation is plastic surgery of the front wall of the abdomen, but the goal is to eliminate excess skin that hangs down. At the bottom, we’re going to sew the rectus abdominis muscles together, so the belly will be even smaller, and we’ll take all that bad, stretched, stretchy skin off.”

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Agrita Bindre and Kaspars Feldmanis. Photo: from the archive

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