The flow of Russian citizens on the Latvian border decreased by 23%


In the previous day, 205 citizens of Russia crossed the external border, which is on average 5 times less than in neighboring countries – in Estonia there are 990 Russian citizens, and in Lithuania – 958.

In total, since September 19, 4,435 Russian nationals have crossed the Russian-Latvian and Belarus-Latvian border, only those who meet the exceptional categories defined by the government’s decision.

Only 15% of them entered Latvia on the basis of category C or D visas, another 40% are holders of Latvian residence permits, among them family members of Latvian nationals, students, employees, persons whose entry is related to work needs or humanitarian considerations .

Almost half of the Russian citizens who crossed the external border use visas or residence permits issued by other countries, which means that Latvia is not the country of destination for these persons, but is used for transit to go to other countries of the European Union.

“The State Border Guard carries out increased immigration control of foreigners during the entire stay of persons in the Republic of Latvia and strictly supervises that foreigners who have entered Latvia comply with the conditions of stay and carefully controls that the terms of stay specified in visas are not violated and that foreigners leave Latvia within the specified terms,” ​​states the State Border Guard.

In the past 24 hours, entry to Latvia was denied to 22 Russian nationals, while in total, since September 19, 171 citizens of the Russian Federation. Foreigners are refused entry, both based on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, and also on other circumstances.

On the “green” border with Russia, there have been no cases of persons trying to cross it illegally to enter Latvia.

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