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Latvia’s biggest annual volleyball event was held in Riga – 4772 young people fought for the top! cup” in competitive volleyball competitions. A historic success has been won by the youth of Valles primary school of the Association of Senior Citizens, who won third place this time.

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In contrast to the usual competition format, the April 21 tournament was played temporarily. The one who managed to win more points in the specified time is also the winner. The best teams from all over Latvia were represented in the Riga competition. A total of 108 teams participated, with up to 32 teams in each group. In the Riga tournament, 672 games were played in seven hours on 16 courts, with a 7-minute time limit and an unusual surface – indoor grass, as well as on two different floor surfaces.

This was a rematch

The Welsh also hoped for good success a year ago, but it did not happen. “A year ago we said that we were a little disappointed with the final result, then this year we kept our word and won the much-coveted awards. We started the competition in a very good rhythm, until the finals we had won nine victories in nine games,” says team coach Rolands Plēsnieks on his page.

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The Valle primary school team competed in the primary school boys’ group and started the games with a victory over the Daugavpils State City High School team in the final group. In the second game of the final, in an intense battle, Jēkabpils State Gymnasium had to admit its superiority with 12:13. Finally, if in the subgroup they managed to beat the current and future champions in a fierce battle, then in the final group they had to lose to the Dundaga High School team.

However, the Welsh are very happy and satisfied with what they have achieved. Sandis Bayars, Alexis Lukyanins, Edgars Ročans, Kristians Cīrulis, Toms Laats, David Semyonov, Dāvis Bayars and Gustavs Zālmanis played in the team. “We are a small school with high achievements and goals! We are a team in the truest sense of the word!” expressed by R. Plēsnieks.

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In total, 4,772 students participated in the competition in Riga, playing in 602 teams and representing 247 schools from 34 counties and six national cities. The organizers inform that 100 teams and 48 schools participated in the preliminaries this year more than last year. The competition has grown year by year, and since its inception 20 years ago, the number of teams has increased several times. It is significant that only two counties and one state city did not participate in the competition this year.

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This was the 20th anniversary year of the competition and because of that alone there were many different additional offers. The participants had the opportunity to meet the players of the Latvian national team – Atvara Ozoliņa, Kaspars Kronbergs, Marta Levinskas, Romānas Sauša and Renārs Paula Jansons, who also helped to conduct various competitions. The anniversary year was celebrated like a real birthday – with flowers, special guests, many gifts and a concert.

Gulbene secondary school is in the top

“We are happy to note “top! cup” tournament’s 20th anniversary with so much enthusiasm and positivity from schools all over Latvia. So many young people in one place, playing volleyball all day, it’s beautiful! Thanks to everyone who stands behind this tournament, it proves that we can do great things and believe that sport is also entertainment for both athletes and spectators,” said Arnis Tunte, general secretary of the Latvian Volleyball Federation.

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The schools that participated the most teams were awarded – 11 teams from Gulbene Regional High School, nine teams from Jānis Eglīš Preiļ State Gymnasium, six teams from Aizpute High School.

The girls’ team of Gulbene district secondary school won their category, thus also winning the team competition. For primary boys, as already mentioned, Dundagh High School won. Overall, Valle Primary School was the only primary school to win medals. In the high school group, Riga Purvciems High School won for girls, and Jēkabpils State Gymnasium won for boys.

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