The conference will discuss how the economic potential of the Riga region has changed

The conference will discuss how the economic potential of the Riga region has changed
The conference will discuss how the economic potential of the Riga region has changed

On Thursday, April 4, the Riga Planning Region will present the new economic profile of the Riga region and its changes in recent years at a conference in the Jūrmala Central Library, which shows that Pierīga’s economic potential is developing significantly alongside Riga. A review of the Riga region for the attraction of talents or highly qualified specialists will also be presented, so that the region can more successfully attract high-tech investments and at the same time move towards better-paid jobs, said the Riga planning region.

At the moment, the profile of the region is changing – if before it was talked about one driving force, which is Riga, now Pieriga is also showing faster development, thus changing the economic portrait of the region. The latest trends show that, for example, the number of jobs and the population of working age are at the same level in Mārupe county. Ropažu, ĺdažu and Ķekava districts also show similar trends.

The number of taxes paid by companies working in Pieriga has increased from approximately 1 billion euros in 2020 to 1.5 billion euros in 2022. The number of active companies at the end of last year was 23 thousand – for comparison, their number in Riga is around 76 thousand. On the other hand, the proportion of employees with a monthly salary above three thousand euros is the highest in Latvia in Mārupe, followed by Đaži, Ropaži and Ķekava, and only then Riga. This only proves that the Pieriga factor is growing significantly in the economy, gradually creating a strong Riga region and developing the region’s potential.

Another important factor is increasing the number of start-ups – in connection with this issue, a vision will be presented on how to involve more young people in business and create interest in them to start the implementation of their ideas.

Special guests at the conference will be Norwegian experts from the municipality of Bergen and the regional municipality of Vestland. Within the framework of the conference, there will be a panel discussion “The importance of the region and local government in the development of a sustainable economy”, which will discuss the promotion of economic potential in the region.

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