Veterinarians call on municipalities to immediately solve the problem of stray dogs

Veterinarians call on municipalities to immediately solve the problem of stray dogs
Veterinarians call on municipalities to immediately solve the problem of stray dogs

Municipalities must immediately solve the problem of stray dogs, taking into account that the amendments to the Animal Protection Law give new and broader powers to the municipal police, administrative inspections of municipalities and the State Police to punish irresponsible animal owners, explains the Latvian Association of Veterinarians (LVB).

The association emphasizes that stray animals are not only a violation of welfare, as stray dogs can and do cause damage, for example by attacking farm animals.

According to the organization, local governments should immediately change their views on stray dogs also because the law will no longer allow dogs to be kept on chains, which could contribute to stray dogs.

Among them, the LVB points out that in a number of municipalities the straying of animals is considered a violation of welfare, but such violations should be reported to the police so that the owner of the animal receives a punishment. Also, in many municipalities, the registration of dogs is not controlled, citing lack of time and other priorities.

LVB calls on municipalities responsible for the control of stray animals, as well as law enforcement authorities, to take action and apply real penalties to irresponsible dog owners in order to prevent repeated violations.

It has already been reported that on March 14, the Saeima adopted amendments to the Animal Protection Law and the Veterinary Medicine Law in the final reading, which provide for new welfare requirements for keeping, breeding and expropriating domestic (room) animals.

The amendments envisage improving the level of animal welfare, achieving animal traceability, while protecting potential animal buyers, as well as expanding the competences of the services by starting the administrative violation process if violations in animal welfare and protection are detected.

In addition, it will be forbidden to keep a dog on a leash from now on. The ban does not apply to dogs born before August 31 of the previous year. The cases when the dog is allowed to be tied will be determined by the Cabinet of Ministers.

LVB is a voluntary public organization that unites veterinarians with veterinary education and students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Latvian University of Biosciences and Technologies.

Dog. Photo: Evija Trifanova/LETA

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