Kremlin supporter Linderman is on trial for violating sanctions

Kremlin supporter Linderman is on trial for violating sanctions
Kremlin supporter Linderman is on trial for violating sanctions

Previously, the State Security Service (VDD) carried out court-sanctioned investigative activities in relation to suspicions of violation of European Union (EU) sanctions, including Linderman, in objects related to seven persons in Riga and its surroundings.

The procedural actions were carried out in a criminal trial investigated by the VDD in accordance with the article of the Criminal Law “for violation of the sanctions established by the European Union and other international organizations or the national sanctions established by the Republic of Latvia”, informed the VDD.

The information obtained during the investigation gives rise to the suspicion that an economic resource has been transferred to a person against whom EU sanctions have been directed for activities that undermine the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.

During the procedural actions, the VDD has obtained a large set of information, which includes data carriers and documents.

The “Meduza” portal reports that the service has detained several people who cooperated with “Sputnik” and “Baltnews”, which are part of the “Russia Today” agency.

Russia Today is a Russian government-controlled media conglomerate that broadcasts in various languages ​​and spreads Kremlin propaganda.

“Baltnews” employee Alla Berezovskaja said on the social network “Facebook” that the former editor-in-chief of “Baltnews” Andrejs Jakovlevs, Andrejs Solopenko and publicist Lindermans are among the detainees. Berezovsky herself was also detained, but after questioning, like the others, was released.

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