“Someone’s got to make money!” The increase in ticket prices affects every passenger

“Someone’s got to make money!” The increase in ticket prices affects every passenger
“Someone’s got to make money!” The increase in ticket prices affects every passenger

The passengers we spoke to at the Riga bus station knew about the changes introduced by zero – some go to closer, some to further places, and the increase in prices affects everyone differently, however, it seems that no one is happy about the changes.

Asked if the changes had an impact, Aleksandrs, interviewed by TV3 News, says: “Well, maybe a little – 40 cents. Driving from Riga to Saulkrasti. Sure, it would be good if it were the old price, but someone needs to make money.”

Olga and Antonina, on the other hand, measure the long distance from Viļani to Riga and back at least twice a month. It is the longer journeys that passengers will have to pay more for.

“In the past, a ticket cost eight or nine euros, now it’s already 11. Very scary, especially for pensioners. We survive. You won’t go anywhere more than once,” says Olga.

On the other hand, Antonina says: “I also agree that the increase in ticket prices is a big burden for pensioners. [TV3 Ziņas: Vai jūs protat pirkt biļetes internetā?] No, we don’t understand. It is more difficult for pensioners.”

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However, others are quite indifferent to the increase in ticket prices. “Nothing, I’m not that expensive. Well, it has an effect, but you have to go to work,” says Sarmīte. On the other hand, Beatrice points out: “It doesn’t really affect me, because I only changed about 20 cents, but if I go to training, I have one euro more for the train, so it’s worse. Both will need to use monthly tickets. It’s sad that it has become more expensive in smaller trips.”

Passenger transportation is still provided by the state – to cover expenses, the state currently adds another two euros for every euro paid by a passenger. The Road Transport Directorate explains that there are two ways the state can reduce its burden. First, by reducing the route network – which is actually being done all the time. The second option is to change the tariff system. In this case, it was created anew, because it was considered disproportionate to increase the price of all tickets, for example by 10 or 15%.

” After 2019, changes began with inflation, the increase in the cost of resources. Now, at the beginning of 2024, for every euro paid by a passenger, the state already pays two euros. It has changed quite a bit for one, the increases here and there are quite large. In general, the price of the ticket has increased, and this must be taken into account,” explains Viktors Zaķis, head of the public relations department of the Road Transport Directorate.

Over time, it plans to reduce the price of tickets purchased on the Internet – however, this is expected only when a unified system of both bus and train tickets is established.

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