Which Russian soldiers do Ukrainians call “chmobyks” and which “mobyks”?

Which Russian soldiers do Ukrainians call “chmobyks” and which “mobyks”?
Which Russian soldiers do Ukrainians call “chmobyks” and which “mobyks”?

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Russian soldiers fighting at the front were “divided into two groups” by Ukrainian soldiers, Jānis Slaidiņš, NBS captain, National Guard staff officer, told TV24’s Special Edition.

“The Mobiki are the ones who are in Luhansk and Donetsk as regular forces, but the Chmobiki are the ones who are being called up now,” explained the NBS captain.


Describing the situation on the ground, Slaidiņš admits that it is not simple in practice either. After the successful battles, the fallen Russian soldiers have to be collected by the Ukrainian side, special army units, this is stipulated by the laws of war. “It’s not safe either, because often the fallen are mined, so the job is for sappers,” says Slaidiņš.

Ukraine: Russian casualties reach 60,800 soldiers

The loss of Russian troops in Ukraine has reached 60,800 soldiers by Tuesday morning, according to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army.
During the day, 370 invaders and 44 tanks were destroyed, one plane was shot down.


Since the start of the re-invasion on February 24, Russia has lost 2,424 tanks, 5,018 armored personnel carriers, 1,407 cannons, 340 multiple rocket launchers, 177 anti-aircraft artillery systems, 266 aircraft, 228 helicopters, 1,028 drones, 246 cruise missiles, 3,823 vehicles, and 15 tankers. , as well as 131 units of specialized equipment.

The extent of Russia’s losses is being clarified, as the acquisition of information is hindered by hostilities.


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