Clinton has not said that the US plans to take over Eastern Europe

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Not true – the statement does not correspond to the truth, there is no evidence for it, the author of the statement is lying or unknowingly misleading

In social media Facebook Since the beginning of July, more than two thousand people have shared a post claiming that the United States plans to take over the countries of Eastern Europe and move its population there. These delusions are also spread on social media TikTok, Vkontakte and YouTube, where they have reached tens of thousands of users. The claim is not true and is based on a non-existent interview with former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Some Latvian Facebook a user has reposted a video in which a famous Russian disinformer retells a fictitious interview with Hillary Clinton that allegedly took place on a US TV channel ABC in the show ABC News. In an interview, Clinton allegedly claimed that the United States plans to take over European countries in order to accommodate US citizens there:

“The United States cannot ignore the significant deterioration of the geophysical situation in Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas Fault. It is a threat to North America and its existence with catastrophic consequences. There is very little time left to save the independence and prosperity of the United States. Therefore, it is necessary to act decisively in connection with the transfer of US statehood to European territory.”

Further in the interview, Clinton allegedly specified exactly where in Europe the Americans will be accommodated:

“The main option for this relocation is the territory of Ukraine, the climate of which is very favorable for US citizens.”

The man goes on to say that Clinton allegedly said that, therefore, Ukraine should not be lost to Russia and preparations should be made to create the “United States of Europe” in several Eastern European countries – Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Baltic States. Thus, the USA will be able to expand its territory and develop.

The oldest source of this lie, which Re:Check managed to find, there is someone LiveJournal blog that wrote about Clinton in April 2016. A month later, they were also published by the publication of the Federal Assembly (Parliament) of the Russian Federation Parliamentskaya Gazetaadding that “Donald Trump has never put forward ideas of this magnitude.”

None of the reposts of the ‘interview’ content indicate specific ABC News the plot in which the interview took place. Such an interview cannot be found anywhere ABC News on the website, no YouTube in the profile. This interview has also not been reported in the most popular US news sources – Yahoo, NBC, CBS, Fox News and New York Times. Re:Check turned to ABC Newsto find out if such an interview had taken place, but did not receive a response.

A Latvian Facebook user, whose post has been shared by 2.2 thousand people, writes:

“If we assume that what the story is about in the video is true, then a lot of things fall into place”

He enumerates what is becoming clear: why the Saeima allegedly gave all power to the government, why Latvia is governed by the US citizen Kariņš, why the “troops of foreign countries” are being increased. He also points out that vaccinating people “sends them to their ancestors”.

Re:Check more than once has written and justified with numbers why vaccination against Covid-19 saves lives instead of killing people. Prime Minister Kariņš has dual citizenship of Latvia and the USA, as he was born in the USA. Both his parents left Latvia in 1944 as war refugees. The presence of the army of NATO countries in Latvia is increased because Russia has invaded Ukraine and does not hide its plans to conquer the Baltic states as well, and this has nothing to do with conspiracies, the original source of which is falsely called Clinton.

Conclusion: Clinton’s alleged statement that the US plans to take over Eastern European countries and house US citizens in their territories is fabricated. The former US Secretary of State has not said that.

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