Sweden’s prime minister is ready to deploy nuclear weapons on the country’s territory in wartime conditions


Sweden’s parliament is expected to vote in June on a Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) with the United States, which will give the United States access to military bases in Sweden and allow them to install military equipment and weapons depots on the country’s territory.

After Russia’s repeated invasion of Ukraine, Sweden abandoned its two centuries of neutrality and joined NATO in March.

However, in recent weeks there have been demands to include a clause in the DCA that clearly prohibits the deployment of nuclear weapons on Swedish territory.

The government has repeatedly stated that such a ban is not necessary because there is a broad consensus in Sweden on the issue of nuclear weapons and the parliament has adopted a decision that prohibits the deployment of nuclear weapons in peacetime.

However, Kristerson stated in an interview with Swedish Radio on Monday that the situation would be completely different in wartime and that everything would depend on the course of events.

“In the worst case scenario, the democratic countries in our part of the world should have the ultimate opportunity to protect themselves against countries that could threaten us with nuclear weapons,” the prime minister emphasized.

He added that the decision to deploy nuclear weapons in the country will be made by Sweden, not the United States.

At the same time, Kristerson pointed out that membership in NATO is necessary precisely so that such situations do not arise.

If Ukraine was a member of NATO, Russia would not have attacked it, the head of the Swedish government added.

The Social Democrats, who were in power when Stockholm applied for NATO membership, said at the time that Sweden would express “unilateral objections” to nuclear weapons and the permanent deployment of warheads on the country’s territory.

Both Norway and Denmark, which have long been members of NATO, have refused to allow permanent military bases or nuclear weapons of other countries to be placed on their territory.

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