Ukraine’s air defense work has deteriorated

Ukraine’s air defense work has deteriorated
Ukraine’s air defense work has deteriorated

The work of the air defense of Ukraine has worsened, the US newspaper “Wall Street Journal” found, referring to the analysis of the data of the Ukrainian Air Force.

Ukrainian soldiers have intercepted approximately 46% of enemy missiles in the last six months, and 73% in the previous six-month period, the newspaper says.

“In the past month, the number of interceptions has decreased to 30% of missiles. Although the data on attacks and interceptions have not been complete for some days, but Ukraine uses these statistics for propaganda purposes, a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and an independent defense analyst have admitted that these data basically give an accurate picture ,” the publication said.

The work of Ukraine’s air defense has deteriorated at a time when Russia is intensifying strikes with drones and missiles, using more difficult-to-intercept weapons, including ballistic missiles, the newspaper says.

In addition, Kyiv is running out of ammunition for its Western-supplied Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems, which until now have been the best defense against such strikes.

A European military intelligence official suggested that the next two months or so will be crucial to deterring Russia’s air force until new Western air defenses arrive in Ukraine.

As more strikes are repulsed, ammunition reserves are running out, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Navy said.

Powerful strikes overwhelm Ukraine’s defenses because air defense systems cannot reload quickly enough, he added.

Analysts say the enemy uses drones in part to check air defense systems before launching missiles.

Ukraine. Photo: EPA/GEORGE IVANCHENKO/Scanpix

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