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A woman finds her grandparents’ postcards on eBay

A woman finds her grandparents’ postcards on eBay
A woman finds her grandparents’ postcards on eBay

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21:24, 3 February 2024

eBay is a place where you can find everything, including rare, valuable antiques, but you would never imagine that you will also find very personal and sentimental items just for you. reports that Trudy Shillum, a resident of Glasgow, United Kingdom and a graphic designer, discovered her family heirloom online on eBay in January 2019.

Shilum managed to find old postcards on eBay by simply typing in her name and her family’s hometown. The postcards were sent to her deceased grandparents by a family friend in 1936 and sold for £3.49 each. It is still unclear how the seller managed to obtain these cards, but the lack of this information does not diminish the joy of the woman.

Shiluma wrote in her blog that she was worried and excited at the same time when she found the cards, she did not hide her ignorance about how these postcards could have reached the international market. The content of the postcards themselves is simple – everyday conversations, including congratulations on the wedding anniversary of grandparents, but they mean everything to Shiluma.

Shiluma got her treasure hunting gene from her grandfather, who was able to find treasures even on the street and in thrift stores.



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