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NBS Major Slaidins: Western tanks are not enough for Ukraine, because they take too long to repair the damaged ones – this is not good!

NBS Major Slaidins: Western tanks are not enough for Ukraine, because they take too long to repair the damaged ones – this is not good!
NBS Major Slaidins: Western tanks are not enough for Ukraine, because they take too long to repair the damaged ones – this is not good!

20:05, 3 February 2024

“Ukraine does not have enough Western tanks to be able to carry out any large-scale offensive operations. It takes too long to repair a gunshot wound – it doesn’t work! So this repair takes too long because the Ukrainians don’t have their own repair base, the tanks have to be taken out to Poland or Lithuania, where these “Leopards” are being repaired, and it’s time,” said the NBS major, National Guardsman, in the TV24 program “Actual about military operations in Ukraine” staff officer Jānis Slaidiņš, referring to “Defence Express” published information about tanks in Ukraine.

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“Furthermore, the same Ukrainian soldiers try to repair those tanks and often do more harm than necessary trying to do it themselves. They are used to the Russian technique, where they can use a crowbar and a hammer [remontēt], then of course it doesn’t work for Western tanks,” said Slaidiņš. “And the West cannot produce as much as is needed on the battlefield,” he added.

Also, “Defence Express” is said to have identified in which other countries tanks manufactured during the Soviet era are located.


“And there is a question – can Ukraine get them? There are still few countries where Ukrainians could buy them. The first is Morocco, there are 20 tanks “T-72B” modification. The Americans bought out Morocco last year or even the end of last year and Ukraine got them. So the numbers here are not many,” said NBS major Slaidiņš.

“Algeria – there are enough of these Soviet-made tanks, tanks of various modifications, including the new Russian “T-90” tanks, but Algeria still cooperates with the Russian Federation, so you can give up there… Congo – there, probably, these 100 tanks are only “on paper”, not even a named brand. There are about 100 T-72 tanks in Kuwait. Kuwait could transfer this tank modification “M-84″ to Ukraine through Croatia. This is the most realistic scenario at the moment,” Slaidiņš knew how to tell, referring to “Defence Express”.

Cyprus, on the other hand, has 82 T-80 tanks, but it is currently unlikely that they would hand them over to Ukraine. “Because after the conflict between Hamas and Israel, they will not give anything now. At least that’s how it was presented… Yes, well, Pakistan – there are 315 Ukrainian-made “T-80″ tanks. Last year there were talks about buying back 40 tanks, but it remained only at the level of negotiations. India – there is the largest number, but it is clear that India cooperates with Russia, although there was a news that India wants to refuse to buy weapons from the Russians, but at the moment it is unlikely that it will be possible to get tanks from India,” said Slaidiņš.

As Slaidiņš demonstrated in the schedule on TV24, India has 2,500 T-72 tanks, 1,200 T-90S tanks and 1,300 T-90 tanks.

Speaking about tanks, the NBS major emphasized in the TV24 program that they may or may not be obsolete, but “the tank as the main attack weapon is and remains”. On top of that must stick, if technology has not given anything new and better. “We see the effectiveness of anti-tank weapons, which means that tanks have one challenge. They need to provide stronger armor – additional protection. We see that drones can also take out a modern battle tank. You have to think… That is the biggest challenge. In World War II, for example, to shoot a tank in close combat, well, they were needed iron faberge, so that you can sneak up on him and destroy him! At the moment, however, this technique is developed,” explained Slaidiņš.

Continuing to explain the quality of tanks today, the NBS major emphasized: “If we are talking about Western tanks, then the same “Abram” tank – it thermally sees from a kilometer away that there is a hare in the bushes kneading, let’s say… It’s not a problem! The armor is the main thing right now.”

From which countries could Ukraine get the tanks listed by the NBS major? To that, Slaidiņš replied that the only option was the tanks produced by Kuwait and Croatia during the Soviet era. “But without tanks, the attack will definitely not be possible,” said Slaidiņš in the TV24 program “Actual on the war in Ukraine”, talking about where Ukraine could still get tanks produced during the Soviet era to fight against Russia.



The article is in Latvian

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