Russia takes revenge on Ecuador with ‘banana war’


“Rosselhoznadzor” will apply to the Ministry of Agriculture of Ecuador with a demand to suspend the certification of bananas from five companies of this South American country, as of February 5, because the fruit-threatening fly Megaselia scalaris has been found in them.

The companies “Agzulasa”, “Don Carlos Fruit”, “Agroaereo Fruit Export”, “Associacion de Produccion Agropecuaria de el oro Asoproagroro” and “Comercializadora de Banano” have fallen into disrepute.

It is significant that banana imports were closed soon after Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa announced on January 31 that he would hand over old Russian military equipment to the United States in exchange for a new one worth $200 million. The Americans, in turn, can transfer this equipment to Ukraine.

Russia, of course, protested, but Noboa called Moscow’s response “not very adequate,” pointing out that Ecuador is currently in the midst of widespread gang-related unrest. The president explains that the US will formally receive not military equipment, but scrap metal that can be transferred according to international agreements. Ecuador has Mi-171Е helicopters and portable anti-aircraft missile complexes “Igla” at its disposal.

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