The 710th day of the Ukrainian war –

The 710th day of the Ukrainian war –
The 710th day of the Ukrainian war –

Live text broadcast – short and concise about the most important things in the Ukrainian war on February 3, 2024. Ukraine has been heroically defending its land against the aggressor’s invasion for almost two years.

18:22. The US television network HBO has cut ties with Serbian actor and Russian war supporter Miloš Biković and canceled his participation in the third season of the popular series “The White Lotus”.

HBO announced last month that the 36-year-old Bikovich will play a role in the third season of “White Lotus”, with this news immediately causing a sharp reaction from Ukrainian social media users.

Biković participated in filming in Russian-occupied Crimea and supported Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Ukrainians said.

17:33. Since the beginning of Russia’s repeated invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Russia has lost 6,341 tanks, 11,805 armored personnel carriers, 9,300 cannons, 979 multiple rocket launchers, 663 anti-aircraft artillery systems, 332 airplanes, 324 helicopters, 7,161 drones, 1,847 cruise missiles. , 24 ships and speedboats, one submarine, 12,352 cars and tankers, as well as 1,473 units of specialized equipment.

The extent of Russia’s losses is being clarified, as the acquisition of information is hindered by hostilities.

16:05. The Russian Ministry of Justice declared civil rights activist Oleg Orlov a “foreign agent”.

Orlov, 70, was blacklisted along with five other people as “foreign agents” for criticizing Russia’s war against Ukraine and allegedly spreading false information about the political leadership in Moscow.

14:01. Canada could transfer thousands of CRV7 air-to-surface missiles to Ukraine, which were previously planned for disposal.

According to the CBC TV channel, the Canadian Ministry of Defense has 83,300 CRV7 missiles, which were produced in the 1980s and were decommissioned in the early 2000s.

The leader of the opposition, Pierre Pouillevre, called for the transfer of these missiles to Ukraine, saying that it would be better to return them to Kyiv than to spend money on their destruction.

12:38 p.m. Ukrainian authorities have criticized German TV channel ZDF for reporting from Russian-occupied Mariupol, accusing the journalists of “distorting reality” and working “in the spirit of Russian propaganda”.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Oleh Nikolenko, called on ZDF to provide an official explanation about this report, which was made by the head of the TV channel’s Moscow office, Armin Kerper.

“Distorting reality is not journalism. Moreover, the visit of the head of ZDF’s Moscow office to occupied Mariupol without Ukraine’s consent violates Ukrainian legislation. We call on ZDF to provide an official explanation. Violation of Ukrainian laws may affect the media’s future work in Ukraine,” Nikolenko wrote on Friday on the “X” social network platform.

The TV channel offered this report as a “rare view of the Russian occupation”. Carper spoke of the “large amount of damage” he had seen even in the city center, but also noted the active regeneration of the devastated areas of the city. “Streets, schools, residential buildings and entire blocks are being renovated. It’s happening very quickly.”

“Mariupole is not a ghost town. This town is functioning. There is electricity, heating. There is hot water and internet, everything is there. People live their lives here,” Kerper said. He added that there are probably no more people left in the city who do not want to live among Russians.

10:41 a.m. The loss of Russian troops in Ukraine has reached 387,940 soldiers by Saturday morning, according to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army.

According to the data of the general staff, 880 invaders were destroyed during the day.

08:45. The Cabinet of Ministers intends to redistribute 7.6 million euros to support Ukraine, according to the draft order prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that the funding will be directed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transport and the Central Financial Contracts Agency (CFLA) as Latvia’s development cooperation agency and an institution functionally subordinate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it is important that Latvia continues the implementation of social infrastructure projects and reconstruction work in Ukraine, especially in the Chernihiv region, in close cooperation with Ukrainian partners, based on previous experience in the work of reconstruction in Ukraine.

00:10. The Ukrainian Air Force informs that at least three enemy planes were probably hit as a result of the attack on the Belbek airfield, reports

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