A woman takes care of her dead sister for four months, believing that she is alive


A truly shocking story happened in Russia – there, in mid-January, a mummified body of a young woman was found in one of the apartments in the village of Shakhti. The body was cared for by the sister for four months, who could not believe her sister’s death.

Local media reports that the dead woman was only 40 years old. The neighbors had not seen them since last October. The sister, answering the neighbors’ questions, said that Sofia was sick and she was taking care of her sick sister. It is not known how long it would have continued if the water pipe in the sisters’ apartment had not broken on January 16. It began to flood the neighbors on the lower floors.

A neighbor entered the apartment, entered the bathroom and helped turn off the pipe. He did not notice anything strange. The next day, a plumber came to the apartment, did his job and left without suspicion.

Later, the downstairs neighbor came to Maria again to check on the master’s work and asked how Sophia was feeling. The nurse stated that she was so sick that she could not move. She needs to be washed, fed and watered. Maria invited the man into the room where the “sick woman” lay so that he could verify what was said.

Entering the bedroom, the man was shocked – a mummified corpse of a woman was lying on the bed.

The body was covered with two colorful blankets and next to the head was a box of chopped walnuts. Maria was sure that her sister was alive and needed care. The neighbor said goodbye and immediately called the police and an ambulance as soon as he left the apartment. The arriving services confirmed Sofia’s death and took the body to the morgue. It later emerged that her death was non-violent and occurred last October. Maria went to a psychiatric clinic for treatment.

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