Still in working order / Day

Still in working order / Day
Still in working order / Day

40 years ago – January 24, 1984 – Steve Jobs and company Apple launched its first commercial computer in the US, MAcintosh I or Mac 128Kwhose RAM was only 128 KB (for comparison – MacBook Air 15 memory is at least 256 GB).

It included a screen, a keyboard and a computer mouse, but it was possible to insert a data carrier or diskette into the computer body. After that Apple gained worldwide success and popularity, and since then the computer has evolved both in terms of design and technological capabilities. But also for the first one Apple Macintosh the model still has fans and even users. One of them is David Grealish, a computer historian in Florida who not only collects old computers but also made a documentary about the first Apple entry of computers into the technology market. The company produced the particular model for only a year, it has an extremely small memory by today’s standards, and it is not possible to connect this device to the Internet, but enthusiasts use it, for example, to play games and, of course, to write. Everything happens in black and white, because the first computer with a color screen Macintosh II started production later – in 1987.

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