Unbelievable! Twins separated at birth meet with the help of “TikTok”.

Unbelievable! Twins separated at birth meet with the help of “TikTok”.
Unbelievable! Twins separated at birth meet with the help of “TikTok”.

Identical twins, who were separated and sold shortly after birth, managed to meet again after finding each other on the social platform “TikTok”. The case is reminiscent of the thousands of children who were stolen in a human trafficking scheme in former Soviet Georgia.

The story of Amy Quitty and Ano Sartania’s reunion began when Amy spotted a girl who looked just like her at a Georgia talent show at the age of 12. “Everyone was calling my mum and asking, ‘Why is Amy dancing with a different name?'” she told the BBC. But her mother simply told everyone, ‘everyone has their own counterpart’.

Much later, 19-year-old Ano was sent a TikTok video Amy had posted of herself trying to track her down because she thought it was “cool” how similar they looked. After making friends on Facebook, Amy knew it was the same girl she had seen seven years ago at a talent show.

After getting to know each other in real life, they realized they had a lot in common, including a genetic bone disease called dysplasia, and decided to talk about it with their families. They found out they were separately adopted in 2002 after their families paid doctors for “unwanted” babies, reports the BBC.

Journalist Tamuna Museridze, who campaigns for the reunification of illegally separated families, estimates that between the 1950s and 2005, up to 100,000 babies were stolen on the black market for adoption in Georgia.

According to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, “illegal adoption violates several norms and principles of children’s rights, including the best interests of the child, the principle of subsidiarity and the prohibition of illicit financial gain.”

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