Russia and Iran have been barred from participating in the Munich Security Conference


The governments of Russia and Iran have not been invited to join the roughly 50 leaders and 100 ministers expected to attend the February 16-18 meeting.

Russia and Iran were also barred from the conference last year.

The annual conference is an independent security policy forum for decision makers to discuss current and future challenges. Participants are usually heads of state, government and international organizations, ministers, legislators and senior defense officials.

“A few days ago, the Russian president said that he would be happy to negotiate, but not with this Ukrainian government. In other words, there is no serious desire to talk,” said conference director Christoph Heisgen. “And that is why we have said that we will not invite the Russian government to the meeting, but we will invite representatives of Russian non-governmental organizations, politicians in exile.”

“In the case of Iran, we hear from the German government and also from the Americans that there is no interest in negotiations. Therefore, in the current situation, we invite Iranians only from non-governmental organizations,” Heisgen said.

He also said that some German political parties would not participate in the conference, specifically mentioning the AfD, which was also barred last year.

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