The first same-sex marriages are concluded in Estonia

The first same-sex marriages are concluded in Estonia
The first same-sex marriages are concluded in Estonia

Since the beginning of the year, approximately 50 gender-neutral or same-sex couples have submitted marriage applications in Estonia’s largest cities.

Four of these couples got married on Friday 2 February at the Õnnepalee registry office in the city of Tartu, and all of these couples had applied at the first available opportunity.

Leena and Kristine, who got married on Friday, said they saw no reason to wait any longer to get married. The young couple had been planning their future together for several years and noted the guaranteed rights that come with official marriage, including the purchase of a home.

“If something happens to someone, all these things are guaranteed in one way or another by marriage,”

continued Leena and Kristina, who celebrated their marriage at home with some friends.

Another couple, Kairi and Kätri, also got married in Tartu on Friday and had a big party with friends and family.

It has already been announced that same-sex marriages have been legalized in Estonia since January 1.

On June 20 last year, the Estonian parliament supported the legalization of same-sex marriages. The law enters into force on January 1 and provides that marriage between two adults is possible in Estonia, regardless of their gender.

The law also preserves the possibility for same-sex couples to enter into a cohabitation agreement and stipulates that registered partners will be able to enter into marriage in a simplified procedure in accordance with the law. In Estonia, same-sex couples can enter into a cohabitation contract since 2016.

From now on, same-sex couples will also be able to adopt children. Same-sex spouses will be able to adopt their spouse’s child with the consent of the biological parent.

The law establishes the principle that a child cannot have more than two parents, and maintains the principle that the rights and obligations regarding the child belong first and foremost to the biological parents.

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