Feel the adrenaline and enjoy unique activities in Dubai


The world’s highest ‘infinity’ pool

AURA Skypool is a truly unique place where sky and water meet. Perched 210 meters above sea level, the pool offers sweeping, breathtaking 360-degree views of the iconic Dubai skyline, Palm Jumeirah and the glittering horizon of the Persian Gulf. In addition to swimming, guests have access to both indoor and outdoor recreation areas, delicious meals and drinks, massages, yoga classes and much more.

Enjoy the rainforest

Get to know the rainforest atmosphere of “The Green Planet”. More than 3000 exotic plants and animals are gathered here in one place. Guests here also have the opportunity to experience tropical showers, which are organized twice a day, at 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM, each lasting five minutes.


Travel the world

93 cultural and 27 international pavilions – “Global Village”. Here guests can enjoy exciting performances and shows, international cuisine, shopping and also a museum of oddities.

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Dive into the world’s deepest pool

In the 60-meter deep “Deep Dive Dubai” you can explore the sunken city. This will be an exciting adventure for divers of all levels. Free diving, snorkeling and scuba diving lessons are available.

Get lost in the maze of flowers

The 72,000 square meter ‘Dubai Miracle Garden’ with over 150 million flowers is a truly unique, aromatic and photogenic place to allow yourself to stop, get lost and enjoy the glorious experience. Here you will find flower castles, horses, airplanes, alleys and many other colorful objects.


Enjoy jumping from a plane

For those who have dreamed of jumping out of a plane, Dubai offers that too and with a fabulous view! Falling at a speed of 193 kilometers per hour over the man-made Palm Jumeirah is sure to be an unforgettable experience. SkyDive Dubai offers both tandem jumps and training.

Enjoy dizzying carousels

Dubai’s IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest indoor theme park on the planet and can accommodate over 20,000 guests per day. Guests can enjoy thrilling roller coasters, a variety of attractions featuring popular Cartoon Network characters, iconic MARVEL superheroes and dinosaurs.

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